The Blue Circle

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This is my first game, I know it is short, and I know it doesn't even come close to the amaising skill, and art that most of the Newgrounds community can make up in a few hours, but this is my best for now, please if you have any ideas to make this game better send me a message and, please, rate, and review this, let me know of all the glitches you have come across and any criticism you have please go ahead.


On LVL4 the border will not move you. Stopped playing after that. Overall, might be a good start for something awesome - after fixing the bags, and doing nice skins.

Got the same glitch as everyone else on level 7...then tried the game again and this time cleared level 7 by a short cut. You can barely touch the green dot jumping at it from the right, and barely touching it is good enough to clear the level, so I didn't need to visit the bottom left of the level at all.

It's glitchy. I'm on level seven and there's no blue ball. However, the levels seem decent, I'm sure the difficulty goes up through the levels, and the sound is okay. It's "nothing too new or interesting," so 2 1/2 stars.

The graphics look very polished but there was 2 things I ran into, horizontal moving platforms do not more you. At Level 7 I ran into a glitch where i fell down and the carried momentum clipped me through the platform and I can no longer play.

Tekkwire responds:

Thank you i will to try to fix those problems in the next game.

Not bad at all...
came across a bug on level 7, fell off a platform, ball reappeared and repeatedly fell off a few times then stopped - no ball onscreen and couldn't continue.

Tekkwire responds:

ok i got a few problems at level 7 from other people too thanks for letting me know

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2.39 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2013
1:23 AM EST
Skill - Avoid