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Alaska is defining a new genre: "micro-shump." It's hard and lasts about two minutes if you don't die (you will), but your life will be better upon seeing it.

Alaska was made in about a day during a feverish game-making session by Sets and Settings.

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I personally don't think I would have liked the game so much if I hadn't had different audio, but I honestly enjoyed this game to death (: ! <3

weird i know but pretty good x3

A decent game with smooth controls when I played it. Loses a star for the glitch (which really should be fixed when you can). Loses another half-star for a problem in the gameplay area. I see what other people mean when they say this is a game about memory rather than skill: beating any bullet hell on a first playthrough should be possible, albeit hard. With this game, when the mines and the bullets come at once, you basically die if you're in the wrong position.

Solid work though, especially for a work in a day. I think people are more critical when you say it defines a new genre, which is a bit of a lofty claim for this particular game.

He isn't beatiful.

not too shabby. major problem: if you move off the bottom of the screen, you don't get hit by anything. ever.

2 easy

Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2013
12:48 PM EST