Skitzo-"Spare a Dime?"

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A newly discovered Skitzo The 1920's Killer Bear cartoon short from 1923! This film reel titled "Can Ya Spare a Dime" is a combination of two decayed copies which came from different sources: an old theater house attic and a mental patient's personal safebox...as a result the cartoon is probably the longest running Skitzo scrap found to exist yet!

Researchers make note that 1923 newspapers reported this cartoon, when seen in its full form, had the ability to cause the viewer to pull their teeth out with pliers and jam nails straight into their heads. No full copy has yet been found of any Skitzo the Bear cartoons...but animation historians continue to look!

Skitzo the Bear belongs to Crystal Gonzalez (C) 2013
Made in Flash, Music Credit to Kevin Macleod "work is work"
If you like Skitzo you might like my comic book series "In The Dark"...webstore here:
http://inthedark.bigcarte l.com/



Wait, that's a bear? I thought it was a rat or a mouse with its tail cut off.

Screw 10 cents. I would give him 10 bucks to kill someone for me. He'd be all over that, after all, it's better to work in a good paying job that you like than to just get charity.

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Comick responds:

Nah, Skitzo isn't a rat lol. Hes a sunbear! They are black skinny bears who love heat, have white collar patterns on their necks (like skitzo) and white eyes too! They are also very long and have huge sharp claws that stay out and don't retract just like his. Also Skitzo wouldn't mind killing for some dough...just don't be in his kill zone or he will take you too without a 2nd thought!

That may have been one of the scariest thing's I've seen on here, but I have no idea why it give's me such chills...

Comick responds:

Ah thanks a lot man! I'm so glad to hear that :)

I like the way you drew it, the "mono"chrome-style and the message it delivered (something like "dont laugh at poor people") :-)
Im looking forward to the next "episode" :-)

PS: I dont know if someone already mentioned it, but there is a mistake in the link to the webstore in the description, there is a blank between"http://inthedark.bigcarte" and "l.com/" where none should be I think. Just wanted to say it to avoid complications ;-)

Lol. remains me of Johny the Homicidal Manaic! Very funny spoof on all school cartoons!

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