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Skitzo-"Spare a Dime?"

rated 4.07 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Original

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Jan 20, 2013 | 1:09 AM EST

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Author Comments

A newly discovered Skitzo The 1920's Killer Bear cartoon short from 1923! This film reel titled "Can Ya Spare a Dime" is a combination of two decayed copies which came from different sources: an old theater house attic and a mental patient's personal a result the cartoon is probably the longest running Skitzo scrap found to exist yet!

Researchers make note that 1923 newspapers reported this cartoon, when seen in its full form, had the ability to cause the viewer to pull their teeth out with pliers and jam nails straight into their heads. No full copy has yet been found of any Skitzo the Bear cartoons...but animation historians continue to look!

Skitzo the Bear belongs to Crystal Gonzalez (C) 2013
Made in Flash, Music Credit to Kevin Macleod "work is work"
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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Skitzo's just full of surprises,isn't he?No matter what he does or where he goes,someone is bound to die.I'm surprised he hasn't been locked up yet(assuming that's even possible).I know how silly(or terrifying)this may sound,but I wonder how many "Skitzos" there are in the world and what the odds are of running into one.Maybe that's all the more reason to treat even strangers with respect and not get on their bad side.

Comick responds:

haha yeah Skitzo always seems to bring out the best of any given situation :b and im sure there are more then are accounted for....we only know of the ones that have been caught!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Am i the only one expecting something after a film goes blank?

Comick responds:

hahaha maybe one day it will happen hmm?? and then you will not be expecting it


Rated 5 / 5 stars

i absoutly love these shorts because instead of a jump scares were your only scared for a moment you slowly build up the fear so your on edge the whole time.also anyone who watches this not knowing its scary would think its a cute little cartoon but slowly get suspicios as events unfold and thus makes the feeling of fear genuine when the flash ends so heres my five stars

Comick responds:

Ah thanks! Yeah jump scares are kind of cheap to me haha I do try to build it up slowly and get the audience involved more...that makes the scares so much more richer and disturbing i think! lol Glad you liked it!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

It looked liked he riped him in half and pulled the can out..poor dog thing


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This reminds me: there ARE monsters in the world...