Dungeon Defiler

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Dungeon Defiler is an addictive dungeon crawler in which you'll explore labyrinthine dungeons and fight terrifying creatures to complete mysterious adventures that will test you in every corner.

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Needs a save feature! I had to start all over!

Why does this thing have a preloader which takes felt hours?

This is not an RPG. There are literally no choices to make or roles to take. It barely qualifies as a game, really.

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awww max level is 50

After looking through this authors other submissions, I feel safe saying that they don't appear to have ANY interest in what YOU (the player) thinks of their games. I presume they're a sponsor...one that may not be doing so well....and doesn't speak English.

This feels like another half-assed attempt to rake in some cash with a half-baked game that is neither addictive or "mysterious".

It gets boring within about 5 minutes, once you realize that there are no upgrades or equipment. Leveling up takes forever, and interaction is limited to clicking boxes that look like poorly-foreshortened stone rooms. Sorry, the SAME stone room.

The combat is based on flipping cards and hoping you get one that damages the enemy. No, you do not get to customize a deck and there are MAYBE 5 different cards that either damage or heal.

Totally mindless, you can pretty much sit here clicking and clicking...only to realize you wasted a lot of time on something made by someone that doesn't really give a shit. Everything is cheap here, from the uncolored enemies to the lack of ANY character development.

And then, to top it all off, you get a random ad every so often reminding you to support Indy Developers.
Yeah, that's pretty important for developers to keep making awesome games...but these kinds of tactics slander the enterprise and aggravate players into not only NOT wanting to click the ads, but also to navigate away from the game itself.

out of 10....

gfx - 6 (lazy sketches, little variety)
sfx - N/A (I have no sound-card)
design - 2 (insulting and presumptuous)
gameplay - 1.5 (no depth, half-baked ideas)

overall, this game is an insult to Flash game development. It hurts the foundation of the industry by taking things that people already hate (advertising) and throwing it in their face like a custard pie. It then proceeds to tell you how to feel about it ("addicting", "mysterious", "challenging"), after it has suckered you in with feigned professionalism.
Role-playing video games are about the immersion...and the only thing "defiled" here is the genre.

Additionally, "Dungeon Defiler" sounds sort of perverted...

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3.22 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2013
4:41 AM EST
Adventure - RPG