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First animation o' 2013 BOOYA
I just hope people get it and know what's going on with this. I was THIS close to putting in a frame where it says "WHAT REALLY HAPPENED" before it reverts to "game graphics" and that's just as bad as a comedian having to explain his joke.

Crazy ass reaction face by BinaryDood



Watching this a second time it comes of as parody of the Various flash animation on this site featuring video game and cartoon characters dying horribly.

If that was the point then good job.

I love it!!!

I arrived, watched a 50 second flash animation, laughed at the part where it gruesomely showed how he actually dies, and that was it. This animation doesn't need any sort of deep analysis, although your own point about having to explain a joke was contradictory to needlessly ending it with "LOL GEDDIT." Thanks for the laugh.

I do have to agree with Dante, this flash did have jokes that came from nowhere and had no meaning to them. I did not get why the ghosts would be petrified of Pacman dying if they were chasing him to begin with. Wouldn't they want to see him die a painful , grueling death? Also, another thing I noticed I want to comment on was pointless screaming at a high pitch that for me distorted the sound. I see the whole point of showing how Pacman really dies but what really threw me off was ghosts and that is one of the reasons why I scored this low.

i dont write negative reviews just to be writing them. at this point i'm not even sure you understand how funny generally works. in fact i'm not really sure you knew what this flash was or why you were making it. i'm not sure if you were going for a satire of the unnatural "silly" faces and yelling or you were indulging upon them because you wrote "lol get it" or something to that effect by the end, and it was pointing towards it being a satire, but without any of the elements of satire.

it was a very empty flash in writing terms. what do i mean by this? well, lets think of a joke. a joke has a set up, occasionally a trial period through the joke, and a pay off. you set the stage by having about 5 loud, obnoxious faces that didn't matter or mean anything. they weren't a part of the joke delivery because there was no set up, and the pay off was really just showing how pacman looks in the game itself. i then ask why did you choose to make that a pay off at all if its all very obvious and had nothing to do with the silly obnoxious faces. the faces cannot be the pay off of a joke because its like if i showed you a picture of a flower and you laughed hysterically at it, considering it a pay off for a joke when nothing was established ahead of time to set up the joke. objects themselves aren't funny alone, and a face that you normally don't see is not a joke.

now for the other element: yelling. yelling is another tool you can use for a pay off, but when used without a set up, it is also not funny. "BALLS" isn't funny because it wasn't a part of something. it is a word that you yelled. you have these ghosts just standing around and then they start yelling. that's it. then you have them screaming and jittering around in reaction to a death. that's the closest this came to having a joke because the yelling was about something. the only problem with that implementation is that its not really anything new. its just a glorified amount of violence that really didn't mean anything. the shaking visuals in response to it are just annoying and pointless.

ok, now for what i originally said about the unsure nature of this flash. were you aware that saying "lol get it" or whatever you wrote is entirely contradictory to what a parody is? a satire would have benefited from that ending, but you put effort towards a bunch of things that someone would satire in the effort to parody. do you even know what setting out to do a certain thing is? if you were setting out to make this a parody, i wouldn't really bother writing this huge block of text, but this is just mind boggling. who was this flash for? was this made to make fun of a certain audience or appeal to one, because the amount of effort towards the latter tells me that you really didn't know if you were making fun of the audience or giving something to them. you don't seem to have goals for your flashes, but at least the others kind of knew what they were.

in the long awaited closing, let me just say that you definitely need to think ahead. you need to find some overall goal for your flash. you need to go all the way in one direction or the other. you do animate well, but you lack any sort of creative vision from this material. maybe stop making obnoxiousness the goal and slow down your material. don't stubbornly fight against progress and fall blindly into an audience that likes things that are loud and pointless. you have the ability to be better, and this flash is like an insult to yourself and your audience. it shows how ignorant and juvenile they are, and i think you should turn yourself around instead of bathing in their very pathetic praise.

stop pandering for your own sake. you're better than that

SpeedoSausage responds:

and wait, you're saying I don't understand how funny works. On this animation which was frontpaged. Thats pretty much inadvertently saying Tom, the Newgrounds Team and/or the Newgrounds Community don't understand how funny works either. What are you doing on this site, o mighty god of humor?

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Jan 18, 2013
8:52 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
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