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Kastle is a one button autorunner about a dashing modern knight in a hellish modern day castle-- excuse me, I mean Kastle. Kastles come equipped with state of the art horizontal portcullises, moving buzzsaws replace the dragon-in-a-moat thing that used to be so popular, and there are always obstacles incoming that only a modern knight (still with a k) can overcome. Modern knight armor comes standard with double jump abilities.

Kastles also tend to spew out time shift flux thingies for some reason, which may alter the speed of the obstacles or boost a modern knight forward. They can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your situation. Use them wisely!


Space to play
Space to jump
Space to double jump
Space to retry should you die
P to pause
0 to mute all sound
-/+ to adjust volume

Sets and Settings is:


Kastle was made for the One Game A Month challenge.


I am not a fan of the auto-run genre, so take this with a grain of salt.

Firstly, auto-run tends to be more fun at higher speeds, even starting off. This one is very sedate compared to ones such as Canabalt, and while the difficulty remains, it makes the overall experience less exciting. The jump is smooth, but somehow feels awkward, especially when I land on the trailing edge of saws I thought I could jump past. There's also a bug where if you got a boost, and you double jump, he suddenly is slammed into the advancing spikes.

I'm not sure if the bug requires more than one condition - I replicated it twice but failed to replicate it a third

Verry good game... altho the only playable mode is hard, the others are impossible.

very good. but i think you should make it a little bit easyier

I like it, but start him in the middle. He starts way too close to the edge, so if he gets hit, he's dead. Also, have him run to the center faster. If I get hit on the edge of a pillar, he'll drop onto the flat top of it, but he then has NO momentum and just stands there for the spike wall to get. I enjoyed this once I got going, but getting going caused a lot of deaths and a lot of rage.

First Impression:

Interesting name for a game. Might be a little interesting to actually play around with.

During Gameplay / Reviewing as I play through:

(At the first/title screen) The music chosen for this screen sounds really awesome. It's a simplistic screen where it tells you to just "PRESS SPACE" to start playing. It also has some links to the people who should be credited which is always nice to have on the title screen.

(In game) It should be more defined that you can double jump. Not only in the description, but also in game. A full list of "how to play" commands in game would be nice to have. Saying "Jump/airjump" isn't a clear enough description of a double jump for me anyways.


Not bad, but it's hard to control. Getting hit once kills you (from the 10 or so times that I've died) which isn't all too great. Being able to have a last-second save is always nice to have, or even 3 tries, re-dos, or continues would have been better than just dying. I give it 4/5.

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3.65 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2013
7:43 PM EST
Action - Other