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Dr Vile- The Greater Good

rated 3.84 / 5 stars
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Jan 17, 2013 | 4:07 PM EST

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Homewrecker! 10 Points Destroy all the objects in a house.
All the Circuits! 25 Points Gather all the Circuits needed for the Death Ray.
All the Coil! 25 Points Gather all the Coil needed for the Death Ray.
All the Metal! 25 Points Gather all the Metal needed for the Death Ray.
All the Wood! 25 Points Gather all the Wood needed for the Death Ray.
Death Ray Complete! 50 Points Beat the game!
Untouchable! 100 Points Beat the game without getting hit!

Author Comments

*** 2ND PLACE in Ludum Dare 25's Jam competition! :D ***
*** Made in just 72 hours! ***

Dr. Vile, the most despised mad scientist in the world, has one mission in life: become #1. He'll do whatever it takes to win the respect and adoration of every person on Earth - even if he has to KILL EVERY PERSON ON EARTH.

Take Dr. Vile and his AI companion, Lexe, on a quest to build the most powerful Death Ray mankind has ever seen. Will Dr. Vile use it for good or will the villain always be the villain?

Thank you for playing and stay tuned for a bigger and better sequel/version! :D

EDIT: Thank you for all the feedback, everyone! :D We are planning a longer version of Dr. Vile that will have a ton more features - including crafting - so stay tuned and thanks for playing!

EDIT 2: Now with Medals!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

This was a really impressive game for a Ludum Dare. I would have rated this highly even if it wasn't completed in such a short time, it's a really solid short game. To be honest, I was left wanting more quests.

I'd like to see the game expanded into a more full length game, with different quests where he has to go around smashing things. Here's some ideas:

-Make it so you can talk to people. Usually, Dr Vile says something completely awkward and freaks out the townspeople, such as "Do you mind if I smash your television to bits?" To make it interesting here, make it so random people will go aggro on Dr Vile just because he talks to them. This also opens up the door to mini-quests for Dr Vile to obtain rare items needed by doing chores and etc for some of the townspeople.

-Upgrade system which gives Dr Vile better weapons, bags/carts to carry more items he finds, efficiency (more usable electronic components from each television he busts up, etc), health, etc.

-Give Dr Vile a chance to actually move up/down the evil/good rankings with each quest completed, with modifiers that increase or reduce his rankings based on how he completes each quest (time for completion, bonus rare parts that make his inventions better, etc)

-Henchmen/women and Lexe-bots.

-Some quests are to create new inventions Dr Vile can use in future quests, such as an anti-gravity gun that makes people and some objects hover temporarily, different types of weapons, various tools, etc.

-Make some townspeople harder to dispose of and stronger, some that are quicker or on bicycles and skateboards, and make pets. Make some people spit out money when incapacitated (see below)

-New items: Copper, plastic, money, computer parts, wire, etc

Bunch of ideas, I know. It's already an awesome game, and it looks like you are open to new ideas and feedback, so I'm pretty sure you know I'm not complaining. Best of luck in the future, I'll keep an eye out for more games from you.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This game is fun- a short, simple distraction. Despite what other reviews say, the stun gun is actually useful- sometimes. In limited situations. When you are right next to an enemy. Honestly, that's the only thing that really bugged me about this. The core gameplay- running around and smashing things- works very well, and is quite a bit of fun. It's excellent for what it is- a short distraction. It's impressive that it was made in 48 hours, since it feels pretty polished, graphics wise.

Oh yeah, one other thing- I think you move faster when you move diagonal. It might just be an optical illusion, though.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

What great fun!

Often in Ludum Dare games I feel... disappointed. Left wanting. The nature of these games is that they are somewhat unfinished. But here, I got everything I wanted.

Let's start with the characters. You managed to take a brief intro of just a few lines of dialogue and establish a clear and amusing relationship between Dr. Vile and Lexe. Their names are important, memorable, and used in such frequency that they become a natural part of the game instead of stiff insertions because a character often needs a title. I enjoyed playing the part of the failing and affable mad scientist, and loved the devotion and cutesy innocence of his computer sidekick. Her attachment made me feel attached to this character I was playing, because he was important. You do very well at grounding your characters in a setting in which they are significant, (even if minorly in Vile's case). This is not only good game making, but good writing too.

Onto the gameplay. Despite being brief (as it to be expected from a Ludum Dare game), I found this game very enjoyable with just the right amount of challenge. It gave me a straightforward goal while giving me plenty of time to reach it and the freedom to create my own fun. I had a grand time seeing how close I could wreck something to a person before they'd come rushing after me in rage! The numbers of items needed was not tediously unobtainable nor too close in reach... it made the game last a perfect amount of time. One issue I did have was the ray gun. I found it's aiming (slightly to the right) to be a waste of time, and I did not find a use for it. I played around with it some, but found myself dying at the hands of the townspeople while trying to use it properly. After a few tries at it, this weapon went completely unused and I successfully completed the game. If you revise this game, you should consider giving the ray gun a specific purpose.

Next, the art. The sprites were very well done, and despite being simple they were cute and effectively translated the game in an appropriate way. I can't think of a more appropriate art style than 8-bitish pixel art for this, and I thought the colors, animations, and overall feel were very good.

Finally, the music. I found it a bit repetitive and boring, but it is not as important as maybe the gameplay or other factors. That being said, it could have been better and perhaps a bit catchier for the cutesy and energetic graphics and playstyle.

Overall, this was a great game and it much deserved the second place spot it was awarded. I can't wait for the extended version!

Review Rating: 4/5
NG Rating: 5/5

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GreenPixel responds:

Thank you for such an in-depth review! :D We're taking your feedback - as well as everyone else's - to make the extended version as awesome as we can make it!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

great game, enjoyed that so much, could u please tell me how is it only 0,6 Mb? :)

GreenPixel responds:

The environment is all tiles! :D


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

got every medal in one try

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GreenPixel responds:

Wow, great job! I helped make the game and I can't even do that! :D