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Secret Beater 50 Points

Successfully navigate all secret levels.

Secret Completer 100 Points

Beat the target times for all secret levels

Ultimate Uirdz Champion 100 Points

Complete everything and die trying

Author Comments

Soundtrack now available! Get it for free at http://paste42.bandcamp.c om/album/uirdz-soundtrack

Basic walkthrough video now available at http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=RY3ANpVTmtQ
Having trouble getting a particular target time? Secret level/Target time video now available at http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=Q4_l2DNjGvA

***UPDATE***: Fixed end roar bug and flip freeze bug
***UPDATE***: Dragable words now do not snap to the first letter!

You will probably die a few times. When dying, please do not leave a mess.

You may want to wait until your second playthrough before subjecting yourself to their abuses. (Hit ESC to exit a secret level and go back to the level select)

This game uses the mouse and the keyboard. I recommend using a mouse as opposed to a touchpad or nub, especially if you're going for target times (which you are, of course).

You may, during the course of playing Uirdz, find yourself having fun. If so, please continue to play Uirdz and tell one person you love and one person you hate about it.


Maybe it is my computer, but I LITERALLY can't get target times. Even on the first board, I watched hte timer with me JUST running from left to right. And it was more than 2.2 when I got to the end. So even if I dragged the words perfectly on the first try, I would have missed. Since there is no way to run faster, it is impossible to beat the target. And on other levels it is practically the same thing, even when it DOES require some hesitation to drag the words properly.

Good games have REAL difficulty situatoons not just "do everything perfectly without making a single error.

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paste42 responds:

I know that flash has a lot of problems with lag sometimes and can be fickle. This (or your computer) may be the reasion the first target time seems impossible. All I can tell you is that many people have beaten target times for harder levels than the first (although I know that even that first target time takes quite a bit of practice). Sometimes a simple reload can fix the problem, but sometimes it's just the computer. I've had similar experiences of target times being impossible in flash in better games than mine.

I'd suggest just trying it without going for the target times, as I'd hope that there would be other redeeming qualities of the game. If not, then thanks for giving it a try and thanks for the honest review!

pretty lame and simplistic

pretty good game


Finally completed the game. This might be the only flash game I've completed all the way through. The whole game was enjoyable, although there were a lot of moments when I felt like punching a hole through a wall, especially while trying to get target times. The boss fight took me awhile to figure out, but I eventually got it. After realizing how to do it, I felt extremely stupid. Anyways, I'm going to break the game down or something.

The graphics in this game were fairly basic, it kept me focused on trying to get the level completed instead of getting caught up in how beautiful the game looked. I think the graphics actually worked quite well with the style of game you were going for. The music was fantastic as well, the switch in music from Level 7 to 8 (I think) was somewhat surprising and matched the theme of the game quite well.

The puzzles were well thought out. Looking back on it, the filler levels were quite obvious, but I was so immersed in the game that I never really noticed them. The game gave you a few filler levels before giving you something new and interesting to work with.

The final boss was fun, but somewhat disappointing. I feel like you could have incorporated more elements and made the boss fight last longer. While it took awhile to complete the boss itself, the total boss battle fight was less than a minute. If you could have added flips, ups, rights, etc. it would have made the whole fight a lot more enjoyable.

There's one glitch that I haven't seen mentioned yet. When you place a word right before you die, the word is placed anyways. When you run in the platform with the boss, he stops what he's doing and tries to stomp on you. I thought you were supposed to place a bomb behind him at this point, and since the game let me place a bomb there, I thought if I timed it just right, I could hit him. I spent about five minutes before I finally realized that what I had discovered was a glitch.

I've played this game for a few hours and still haven't completed all the target times or found all the secret levels. There's so much stuff to do!

Ultimately, despite any things that I found negative, this game is so amazing that I think it deserves five stars. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I hope to see another puzzle game from you soon!

(P.S Loved the ending!)

Good game,nice difficulty but overall, GET IT A E RATING MAAAAAAAN!!!!

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Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2013
1:45 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle