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Help a lost boy find his mommy in this platformer that features a never before seen puzzle mechanic.

I'm very proud of this game and I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for playing.

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this is the best game ever =) i don't get the end though was the boy trying to get killed or to get to his mom and is the mom dead?

GroZZleR responds:

What do you feel happened? Maybe the boy was finally able to let go of his mother and be free to live his life? Maybe he joined her? Maybe he's never going to find her and he'll always be lost.

Fractured was rather short, around 10 minutes, despite getting stuck on a few levels. Now, I don't know whether I'd be insulting you or complimenting you by saying this, but I feel the actual gameplay is secondary to the whole concept; the whole "fractured" theme to this, it's neat and everything, but my draw to keep playing was primarily the narrative instead of the puzzle-esque level design.

The poem, also short, was bittersweet in that the writing was mediocre, while the VA really delivered -- at least to me -- solid lines in a beautiful voice to offset that. From a technical standpoint, I think the lines themselves should have been filtered differently to better suit the "ghostly" atmosphere you're going for, but it works.

Wrapping up, I'd say this is a respectable piece of art and I hope you bring forth more memorable contributions in similar fashion. Newgrounds needs more deep content from [real] artists, so I'm glad you took up the project, start to finish, and submitted it here. Well done.

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GroZZleR responds:

Even if it made the gameplay a secondary driving force, I'm glad the narrative hooked you. If I'm able to hook a player, through gameplay, art, audio or story, then that's a big fat W in the win column as a game developer.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts.

i loved it but the ending was kinda wierd to me, it felt like he was abandoned

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GroZZleR responds:

It's up to your own interpretation. Maybe he finally learned to cope and is free?

I like it. ;)

GroZZleR responds:

Great. Me too. heh.

Definitely interesting, definitely creepy, decidedly ... odd.
Thank you for making this!

GroZZleR responds:

Thank you for playing it.

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3.93 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2013
12:11 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle