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Stylish classic memory game with a lot of new features: skills, tallent builds, special effects on tiles (extra time, life gain, etc.)
Check out ingame tips.
Mouse only.


Great work!
I expected another lame memory game but this took me by surprise.
All the upgrades and the hint of a story actually made it quite compelling.
The art, sounds and animations were really good too.
The only thing missing here is medals. That would make it perfect. I still haven't rated the submission. Add medals and you shall have your 5. :-D

By the way, I'm playing it on Chrome as well. It took me about 5 minutes to get the game to load but it was worth it.

first time hi play here , and not so bad i liked :)

While I did enjoy it, one annoying thing - not being able to click rapidly. In a timed game. You click and have to wait before you can click again. And then wait for them to turn back over. And all the while, that clock keeps ticking.

More annoying for me because my computer is crappy, so it actually runs kind of slow on my computer. Especially when the cards are flipping over, that moment when you can't click. But strangely, when everything else was slow, the clock more or less kept time. Aggh.

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The game seemed nice, however, I suffered the same problem as Listen2Reason below. After completing the first level, the game froze for like 30 seconds. Then when I got a talent card, the game crashed. I got a warning about a script in the Flash causing my computer to run slowly.

It's just a memory game. Not only that, when I finished the first level it stopped for 30 seconds, and after getting a 'talent card' it crashed.

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3.84 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2013
4:47 AM EST
Puzzles - Other