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SS - EnLIGHTenment

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Jan 14, 2013 | 5:50 PM EST

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If there's one thing I've found in my life, it's that things are never quite as they seem. The rabbit hole goes infinitely small as it does infinitely large, and that the only true sanctuary from the mess we've made externally, is within ones own self.

Ghandi said "The Demons in this world are the ones in our own Hearts, and that is where all battles must be fought".

So this is a video about how pretty much every ancient culture and belief system believes not only that in Light there is Truth, Expression, Creation, and Love... and also that You and I too are of that Light.

We are the Universe!

We are Light Beings, Albert Einstein proved it with E=MC2.
(Everything = Energy = Light Manifesting as Reality w/ Density = We are Light!)

I hope you enjoy! All comments welcome :D



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I love your video, but one question that I never knew the question to and why when I say this my heart feels like it is trying to just stop and trying to show me what happened and when I thoought about it I just somewhat dropped with death and sadness, but I want everyone to think about this and keep it in your mind... my question is, What is the light we saw before we were born, what if we just saw darkness? what spirit come within us to make us live? are we just beginning to live life for the very first time or is another time to go again and live life? did we live at the time of new beginnings? what light passed down to make us? what is there to that I am I and you are you but we are living another life of difference? what happened before the age of being born and alive? I just want everyone to look at the questions and look through and just think.


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Please keep sharing your knowledge! You're the one that kick started my spiritual awakening. Please spread the love to others!

PS Great video =)

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I absolutely HEART you guys!
Please keep up the good work.
Changing the world...


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i dont agree with everything you said but some of it, great video tho


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love this series