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SS - EnLIGHTenment

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If there's one thing I've found in my life, it's that things are never quite as they seem. The rabbit hole goes infinitely small as it does infinitely large, and that the only true sanctuary from the mess we've made externally, is within ones own self.

Ghandi said "The Demons in this world are the ones in our own Hearts, and that is where all battles must be fought".

So this is a video about how pretty much every ancient culture and belief system believes not only that in Light there is Truth, Expression, Creation, and Love... and also that You and I too are of that Light.

We are the Universe!

We are Light Beings, Albert Einstein proved it with E=MC2.
(Everything = Energy = Light Manifesting as Reality w/ Density = We are Light!)

I hope you enjoy! All comments welcome :D


I like this, plain and simple. I like the deep thought it makes you do, and the way it enlightens you to things you may not have known. (no pun intended) I also dig that you used Lindsey Stirlings music. =P

The funny thing is that I was going to search for that vid where that light guy is by that tree. Know I don't have to. :D Plus it was good to watch this for breakfast. You chould say that tihs is a...nutritious breakfast. (I hope this is the word which I was searching for.)
Anyway thank you for you work. :) <3

P.S.: Teals voice was extra cute. :)

I absolutely HEART you guys!
Please keep up the good work.
Changing the world...

Thanks so much for all your hard work on the videos. They are amazing and truly moving.

Absolutely love it, Jordan! It really does bring everything full circle. I feel wierd saying this, but I feel like this is the best episode of Spirit Science I have ever watched! :), I love all the little references and small jokes you put in as well, and thanks to Teal and all those otherwise in the credits for making this my friend!

Send loves and hellos from me!

Atsumiridoshi (until we meet again, friend)

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Jan 14, 2013
5:50 PM EST