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SS - EnLIGHTenment

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Jan 14, 2013 | 5:50 PM EST

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Author Comments

If there's one thing I've found in my life, it's that things are never quite as they seem. The rabbit hole goes infinitely small as it does infinitely large, and that the only true sanctuary from the mess we've made externally, is within ones own self.

Ghandi said "The Demons in this world are the ones in our own Hearts, and that is where all battles must be fought".

So this is a video about how pretty much every ancient culture and belief system believes not only that in Light there is Truth, Expression, Creation, and Love... and also that You and I too are of that Light.

We are the Universe!

We are Light Beings, Albert Einstein proved it with E=MC2.
(Everything = Energy = Light Manifesting as Reality w/ Density = We are Light!)

I hope you enjoy! All comments welcome :D



Rated 3 / 5 stars

wasn't something supposed to happen on the 21st? I don't think that happened...


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Love the Patchman 'cause the Patchman is Love!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice, Jordan. That game 'Journey' makes a lot more sense now. In the end of it, you "return" to the light.

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RiverJordan responds:

It's totally true!

Think of this, a seed falls to the ground, goes in darkness, and then continually rises towards THE LIGHT!! And once it's vibration is strong enough because it absorbed so much light (which we call photosynthesis), it creates fruit and abundance that it shares and gives freely to the reality in which it is surrounded by.


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Thank you very much for your sharing, please keep doing that!!


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tho i dont always, or ever, agree 100% with anything you say, you outlook on life is unique, and i like how you never bash a religion, or directly discredit or belittle another, but instead open up the viewers minds to their own unique point of view, and give edjucated explanations to your theories. this new "religious science" idea... seems much more logical than anything religion or science has taught. growing up from a very multicultural and religious family, father jewish, mother christian, step mother buddhist fathers best friend a muslim... (who is over every other day with his kids) and myself, always insisting on a scientific no loose ends explanation to everything. you seem to have found a better direction. if you've noticed, with each video you post my comments become more accepting haha... keep up the work. its good, meaningful and powerful stuff. forget the haters, they'll turn slowly...

yours truely,
an old hater.

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RiverJordan responds:

Man, this makes me so stoked to see! Thank you for writing such an awesome review :) You made my day!