Central Alien Agency

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You must prevent galactic conflict.

WASD to Move.
Mouse to Shoot.
R or Shift to Reload
S key to repair the UFO.
Number keys or Q and E to change weapons.


Well 10 rounds is my fastest go on hard. It's not hard at all though. Chose any of the 3 last weapons and save up money for it maxed plus regeneration. Place all skills in armor. Stay put and win. The drop rate of heal drops are to high during a test I did I saw 4 drop on the same wave, wave 25 meaning that it's to easy. I saw a scaling though but when all waves after 3 always had at least 1 heal I didn't find a reason to buy the heal. Hence either lower the $rate or the +rate as it's unbalanced. One just need armor and reg and you are set and can go about 24 rounds on that alone. Otherwise a fun game.

pretty fun. simple and interesting. i'll be patiently waiting for a sequel.

Men in black meets Dude and Zombies.
Game looks so similar except Dude and Zombies is a lot better and is actually a challenge.
When you get regeneration its actually hard to die, unless you stand still lol.

I didn't even get all the upgrades in the time I managed to finish the game. It was over in 15 minutes once I figured out staying in the middle keeps it repairing.

A bit of a nitpick but your own ship is not a UFO by definition....

The music was horrendous. The monster's screams when they attack you are even more horrendous. The waves are kind of hard.

Overall, this game makes poop look good.

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3.43 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2013
3:06 AM EST
Action - Other