No-Brainer 5: Racing

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No-Brainer and Todd go racing at The National Kart-Racing Championships to win the $1000 reward being offered to the winner. The person to take last place will be fired out of a cannon to Europe. Does No-Brainer or Todd have what it takes to win the Championship?? Find out and click Play!

KNOWN ISSUES: During movie, music will play a bit early then it's supposed to. I tried to resolve that issue, but i'm completely clueless on why it's doing that.

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Cooooooooool. The voice acting is awesome. The movie is good. IT'S 100% COOLER!!!

I am the 666th viewer i dont think that is a good sign :[]

No-Brainer responds:

Stay Calm. I don't think Satan is going to get y-oh shit sorry man :S

I see a little improvement. Some of the voice acting still needs work, but it is still enjoyable. For some reason this episode reminded me of Regular Show which might be why I enjoyed this episode so much. And cool you got Josh Tomar to do a voice. Anyways this episode is good and it is now my favorite.

No-Brainer responds:

We have a new microphone. All of the new episodes will have much better voice acting.

Excellent Job! Nice progression of plot, and good style of animation. It would be even better if you optimized your sound a bit better ( it gets distorted in some places ). As for the music starting to early, try making sure that your sound for the music is set to "stream" and not "event". That was a problem I had before..I think its under the "properties" dialogue box, when you select the first frame of where your music starts. Hope that helps!

Good work here. Easily the best NB yet.
The only thing that got me was some of the poor mic quality. It kinda took me out of the experience for a moment. Some of the writing is really random too, like I had no idea how Billy ended up cheating. But all in all it was a good, well animated bit that had me watching from beginning to end.

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3.06 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2013
7:50 PM EST
Comedy - Original