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I believe that life is too short to think too much about things and from hear on I will try to live that way.



It's hard to do it when everybody on the bus looks like they are either about to pass out or any attempts at eye-contact would involve getting yelled at. Forget talking, we should all be able to just smile and nod at each other.

... oh yeah, this is supposed to be a "movie review". Good movie. Simple animation and graphic style, which appropriately deviates from what is observed to what is being heard, which is the keystone of the project. It poses a strong, relatable idea, has plenty of reason behind why the idea should be considered, and it ends off on a humorous note just for good measure.

We need more movies like this. Keep up the good work!

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Ok one good job on it you seem to have a good outlook on life.. and two zuggy just cause you dont like the movie and the message you recieve from it doesnt mean you have to put someone down...grow up..

Society has raised many twats that are really set backs. Mainstream losers that have nothing to think about. Its either lame music, lying ass politics or what Kanye west and Kim did last night. Not every one is this fruit basket of joy. Thats hard to find BUT I do understand this positive outlook.

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This video here really is mostly about what's said in it as opposed to other factors that usually might be worth addressing in a piece of animation, so while I can give the barebones analysis on art, music and actual animation with a universal, "good but minimalist", it's really the message that's worth talking about most.

With both the title and your author's comments you seem to address your point as "Think Less", but in reality that's not only very poor advice but also not really what the point your video made at all. Your actual content seemed to a very glib push towards talking to people instead of doing nothing, or in other words to be more spontaneous when dealing with human interaction. Perhaps a little better than your motto, but still kind of silly.

See, it's not society that teaches you to clam up and resist talking to anyone that you encounter, it's the basic human interactions that everyone undergoes when they're busy growing up. Fact is that while someone might be the most interesting person you've ever talked to, most of them are dullards not worth exchanging two words with. Even if they manage to be only mildly interesting it's unlikely that you'll pinpoint the exact area that they are educated or experienced enough to be interesting in on the first conversation, and even then being interesting is subjective, so while they might be interesting in the area of choice, you might find the entire thing dull. Of course, even if they are interesting, it's even more likely that you aren't(no offence, just basic probability there).

This is entirely why people flock to like minded groups, why they go to places where commonalities are more likely to exist, and why they often hang around people of the same age groups. It's because there's a higher chance they will meet someone worth talking to and syncing up with. By all means try just talking to random people that you encounter, just be ready to meet a lot of boring people and to get a lot of awkward uncomfortable looks while doing it.

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Jan 13, 2013
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