Waiting 4 Game of Thrones

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Joffrey tells Tyrion about his expectations for season three of Game of Thrones.
Made this in anticipation for the upcoming season. Hope you enjoy and as always reviews are appreciated!

Big thanks to NG for the Front Page!


When he got burned to a cinder I actually said "Thank you"

Replace all planned instances of nudity with Joffery getting slapped. All problems solved.

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Jonimator responds:

Now that is a show I'd watch time and time again!

i'm really glad someone else thought this too
i hope Joffery gets slapped in season 3 too

You know, there's much more sex in the book, all in gory detail. The thing is, a lot of things happen in thought and talk during it (at least in the books), so it can't be skipped. Though, it certainly makes for an embarrassing situation if someone sees you watching it.
However, I do applaud George R.R. Martin for addressing something that fantasy stories try to avoid to an extent: sex. Because people have sex, and it adds to the semi-realism that the story gives off.
And I've read the book that the next season will cover. It does indeed contain heavy amounts of nudity and sex, as always.

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Jonimator responds:

I finished reading A Dance with Dragons the other month, and I gotta say I don't completely agree with you. I find that in the books, when there's sex, it always has a good reason to be there and drives the story forward, whereas in the HBO series the sex is just straight up gratuitous. They simple use it as eye candy to keep the viewers whose attention can't be held by conversation alone. There's a good number of cases where if anything, it just takes time away from the storyline, unlike the books.
Either way, I'm still a huge fan of the TV series. Just thought I'd poke fun at it's one main failing in my eyes. Thanks for the review!

I read the books and I know there's more nudity to come.

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Jan 13, 2013
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