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A Simple Update

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Jan 11, 2013 | 8:39 PM EST

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An update of what's to be expected in the coming months.

RedMinus's Youtube: er/redminus

RicePirate's Youtube: er/ricepiratenewgrounds

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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

My classy suggestions:

Volume leveling. There are countless programs available for audio editing. Since this is mainly an audio based thing, it comes across really badly when there are mistakes. Mistakes like clipping, where the volume input exceeds the range that your input device can handle, so it produces unpleasant distortion. That happened a lot, and my soul died a little bit each time I imagined a visual equalizer just panicking when it happened. Even if you're just using a built in laptop mic, you can still put out decent audio with a little editing.

Scripting. You're an animator, and you know that getting words and timing right are pretty important. You could have typed the entire update and read it as you were recording like you would do for any character. You wouldn't even need to write out the whole thing if you were concerned about how natural its going to sound, but you should at least get a storyboard/outline with a few notes up before you start something. Even if you did separate takes and spliced the good parts together, it would have turned out better.

This last thing is more of a statement than a suggestion, is the least important part of this, but it still makes sense and probably should be considered.

This wasn't actually animated. It was you talking over a series of still pictures that you've drawn. Even if you aren't going to do anything too in depth just for an update, slap in some motion. Make the heads move around in the frame. Try adding some controls for pausing and time selection. Do something, even if it's just for practice.

This should just be an update in the news feed on your channel. I understand that more people will probably see this as a video, but is this really what you'd want them to see? This is literally one third of your video submissions right now, and you have to think how this represents you. I wish you the best of luck, and hope you don't get hit by a bus, but this video sucks and was probably animated at six frames per second.

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JakkMAU5 responds:

huh. I see what you mean. And I actually think this actually helps. But think of it this way.

This is how I'm used to do this. Yes, I am aware that it's a lot of still drawings, but this is also an update, so I don't want to spend too much time on an update video, and I'd rather keep update videos to a minimum. I would rather use actual frame by frame animations for the actual animations rather than a update video.

And on the part of the audio, I'm getting a new mic. and I got Audacity, so it should be better the more I get used to it.

But thank you for your input, I will keep it in mind.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This was enjoyable, especially for an update video. I think you could have done a few more drawings to keep the viewer interested, but overall you did a good job and this was actually pretty funny.

You seem to have a good drawing style so I'll fan you. I'm looking forward to seeing cartoons from you in the future!

JakkMAU5 responds:

Thanks! It means a lot to hear that