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Empty Asylum

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You and a friend go inside to explore, then you can't find your friend. After you realize your friend is gone you find that you can't leave! Now you have to find items and solve puzzles to escape!

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For the most part, this game was a lot of pixel hunting. I also didn't understand the MATH puzzle, but that's on me. Nice job with the creepy ghosts in the dark rooms though. They're just off-putting enough to make me think there's an enemy when there's not.

Puzzles were easy to solve with the available clues. Thanks to the walk through, I missed a jammed drawer, a puzzle box, and a torch.

I suggest that a map and a torch should be provided at the very beginning. Who would go inside an asylum with empty hands? The orbit collection part could be removed.

Strange how the emptier a level is, the spookier it becomes! Monsters don't really spice up the atmosphere as much as a lack of them. ;) Another good game!


Frustrating as all hell but I did manage to complete it in an hour and twenty five minutes. Not too bad, I think I'll check out the rest of these games.

great games. I do multiple playthroughs till i get the highest score by taking the least time and getting the most orbs. However I do have 1 question, why are pretty much all of these at asylums? seems to make it slightly repetitive in gameplay.