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This was a quick experiment to have some fun with animation. I decided to try drawing in a different style, to limit my color palette, and to try out a 16:9 aspect ratio. I think that everything turned out pretty well, except for maybe the silly script. I hope you can enjoy it nonetheless!

Also, I've hidden the usual Easter Egg on the main menu. Don't have TOO much fun, now.
Runtime (w/o credits) - 0:35
Extras Runtime - 1:22


I'm really diggin the style of animation! I just wish this had a good punch line at the end..It feels like it ended way too quickly. I enjoyed the voice overs, though. Good job!

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Aqlex responds:

It was definitely short, I do agree, but who knows, maybe I'll return to these characters with something longer one day? I'm glad you enjoyed the style and the voice acting though! I do agree, the punchline wasn't very...punchy =P. I shall work on that.

The animation was so-so, the script didn't really make that much sense, and wasn't all that funny.

Aqlex responds:

The script was totally absurd, I agree. Hopefully, with some more practice, I'll be able to make something you can enjoy more.

You did really good as far as animation here goes. It looked really good everywhere, was really fluid, and the limited color palette didn't take anything away from this. It was fun to watch, but like you mentioned the scrip was...silly. That's a nice word for it. Still, if you work a little your writing, I think you'll have real A+ material on your hands. Looking forward to your future stuff.

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Aqlex responds:

Thank you! I'm glad to hear the color scheme worked and that the animation looked fluid. And yup, the script was silly, but I swear I've got better scripts lined up for the future!

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3.33 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2013
1:29 AM EST
Comedy - Original