Water Buboy

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A unique WATER shooting game with 25 addicting and challenging levels! Save the barrio from the blazing inferno!

Fire water from your hose to extinguish the fires in each level. You have limited water so be sure to aim carefully.

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I think it needs more action. Just watering down houses isn't enough.

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argene responds:


great to see ph games here, thats nice (pinoy here btw)
the idea is good however, u can have more variations to each level like gettting an item in a barrel by filling it up with water or something..
..prolly have special water shots like a big blob of water and explodes which releases multiple chunks of water..
..played a variety of games here and this can get better if you ask me..
be waiting for buboy2 :3

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argene responds:

thanks for the insightful review...

Galing xD

argene responds:

Salamat kabayan!

Good game with some flaws
1.The water was okay IMO it's really fun ricocheting water off walls.

2. the villagers at the bottom of the screen served no purpose other than running back and forth.
use them for something like power ups or achievements.

3. Got boring after a while make sure to make every level unique to keep people interested.

4. lastly it was really hard to tell if you are really putting the fire out adding something like smoke or a life bar would make it much better.

So keep up the great work and gratz on the daily feature.

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Bug: Press space after a completing level to move to next level. On the next level, click around and press space until the level complete screen appears and then mouse click to move to next level. You will have skipped a level. The game will not save your progress in the level select screen.

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3.27 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2013
4:11 PM EST
Puzzles - Other