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Its here. Late as always.
All you should know is that the chicken with the headphones is sick of Xmas always exploding on his face.
Anyway, hope you like it and don't mind a few words on Spanish.


Translation please :D
I like this, the animation just got better as it progresses.
The humor and timing was well done as well.

cavpollo responds:

Thank you! =)

This is pretty neat.. :) good animation.

cavpollo responds:

Thank you =)

The chirping was extremely annoying. I didn't want to watch the whole thing, but I did anyways to get a feel for this before deciding blam or save.
I suggest you do real voice acting next time. The chirping was too much. Ear piercing if anything.

My other gripe. This website is in english. I suggest you post videos in english as well. I understand it gives the option for other languages, but I like being able to understand what I'm watching. If you want to do it in spanish, put it on youtube.

cavpollo responds:

Yeah, I do realize the chirping was a bit repetitive and high pitched, but Im not comfortable with putting a voice to my characters. And probably you would have hated more watching something where the characters make no noise.

And to tell the truth there isn't anything that you need to know that's in Spanish other than Merry Xmas wishes. The whole story didn't have anything that wasn't body language (except for a couple bubbles). Just be a little bit more tolerant, as this place is a home for all kind of animations.
Cheers, and cheer up ^_^.

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3.39 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2013
11:30 AM EST
Comedy - Original