Moon Reach

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Moon Reach is a game with a child theme and it took about 6 months of developing, it was our first game working together and we are very pleased with the result, we have little experience and developing Moon Reach was a great way to learn and understand the process of making a game.

I'm hoping you guys you'll give us great feedback,
Thanks for playing!


Game is pretty good (even better considering it is your first)
It could use some achievements like chaining platforms and and since you plan to make a part two i suggest making some sort of airfoil animation when steering the suit.
Also the end was too sudden :(

Alli7 responds:

Thank you for your suggestions, the animation certainly could be a lot more worked.
yeah the end was kinda weird xD, we are hoping to add a more intresting storyline and with more resources as a developer.

Awesome game!

This game is fantastic, very orginal!
5/5 for main game mechanics

The introduction and plot isn't the finest, try doing something to spice it up
Average 2.5/5

The movement is... Good, not the smoothest, but very responsive.
4.5/5 for movement

Music, personally is a bit reptititive and sometimes annoying, a individual SFX and music button choice would be welcome.
2.5/5 for audio quality and choices.

Power ups are very fun and make the core of the game, the jetpack is my fav :P
Very original and fun power ups 5/5

I haven't encountered any bugs so far, besides the movement being a bit... Spazzy, at rare occasions.
Bugs impact rating depending on the bug(s) severity

Endless mode - Perhaps add a mode where it keeps going higher and higher and never stops... Or stops at a extremly high point. You either start with all upgrades purchased or nothing purchased, meaning its only you, no power ups

Beast mode - Your jumps are super high, all upgrades unlocked... Also in the mode the jetpack would be very fast and agile :P

Expand on the story - Add in more of a storyline, perhaps add voice actors, do something, the storyline is very plain.

Good luck with the game, if you do make any big updates, please msg me, I would be happy to play it again :)

Alli7 responds:

Great feedback thanks!
The cutscenes were really weak, we thought of removing it, but I thought it was best to put it out there and see exactly why people didn't like it.

I'm sad that you didn't like the music =(, buy yeah good suggestion on music choice, and we are certainly implementing a individual sfx button.

I liked your mode suggestions too, we thought of a mode that would be endless and the pit stops would appear every x%, but it would take too much work in the end.

Thanks a lot!

Nice job for your first game!
Art wise its decent, music gets you pumped and is not the same song the entire time.
Ending was a little, eh i wanted to feel like yeah! At the the end instead, i don't know whether or not i lived or died.
The platforms are tiny but respond well enough, i was able to get to the top with minimal upgrades, and in only 7 rounds.
All in all for your fist it's very good no bugs i could find and tight controls, my only complaint is if you miss with out the hook shot, there was no recovering as the platforms vanished, below, i think there should be some way to recover. The boots went out fast and the gravity bubble was only useful in space. Maybe another refuel station, or perhaps refuel items that give like 25% recharge?
Also that last bit at around 70% percent felt like it was dragging?
Congrats on your first game! And having it fun and simple.

Alli7 responds:

Thank you for the feedback, perhaps you could try normal later? it's a lot harder and you will need a lot more upgrades.

And about your suggestion we are coming up with ideas that will make it less frustrating to fall all the way down, or at least giving the players ways to work on that.

Thanks again!

well known type of game, but i like it :) Pit-Stops are a nice idea i think.

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Bug when falling near to pits press W, infinite impulse or something like that.

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Alli7 responds:

HI, thanks for feedback, do you mind being a little more specific? I tried to reproduce this bug in game but with no sucess, how near do I have to be?

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3.19 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2013
11:26 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop