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Dragoon Princess

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Author Comments

Dragoon Princess - Space Bar to talk to Characters and then there' random battles in the other room, simple battle system.

I'm trying to make Rpgs, this is more of a basic test rpg, still trying to make more full fledged rpgs by learning more : D

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The graphics need work, improve the gamneplay, and make the game fun.

Im giving 2 and a half stars for the first try

how do i attack????

And this is an RPG?

Only two rooms, no treasure chests, no equipment, no leveling feature, xp or gold, and many other things, as well as no storyline...

However, I do believe this shows potential, and not too bad for a first game attempt. If you develop it a bit more, you may have the makings of an awesome game. Keep working on it, and (if you decide to) if you want some ideas for how to expand the story, i could suggest a few things, (P.S. almost none of the "great games" were made simply by one person, so feel free to ask others for help)

I can't be dishonest and say this, as it is, would be good as a game, but I get the feeling that you are either very young, very inexperienced, or both. Taking that into consideration, as a _test_, this is workable. You got the engine to function, you've figured out the basics of Actionscript, and in doing that, you've accomplished something. You've also learned the folly of putting a test RPG up on Newgrounds for public review: you're gonna get judged, and harshly. Personally, I wouldn't put something unproven out in the public like this, because my ego isn't that strong, and as you can see, some of these people can be really harsh, unnecessarily so. However, you did it, and now I hope you've got the self-confidence to realize that just because some people aren't articulate enough to do more than sling insults, it doesn't mean you should give up and never try again.
I'd recommend ignoring the really mean reviews. You already know this isn't a good game, because it's incomplete, it's barely an engine. Look for the reviews that actually give recommendations, there are a few down there, and take those recommendations seriously. Use them to plot out your next game, but then here's my personal suggestion: test it with your friends first. Get a circle of trusted people who can give you good, honest, useful feedback, and test the hell out of your game with them, then rewrite it, test it again, rewrite it again, and keep going until you've built something that the public can actually enjoy. THEN submit it for public review. Then you can avoid throwing yourself into the self-esteem-woodchipper unnecessarily. However, now you've gotten a taste of disappointment, so hopefully you've learned that you can take a few punches, and you'll come back stronger, with something a lot better to show for it.
I wish you all the best in your development as a game programmer. It's a challenging, often brutal field, but the rewards at the end can be exceptional, so it's worth pursuing if this is really your ambition.

Credits & Info

1.12 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2013
6:44 PM EST