HALO part Two

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HALO part Two.


but it does not jump too high to dodge bullets.
4/5, 5/5

is very good and funny..

Whoever made this obviously isn't a Bungie fan or even a follower of their work as Halo already had a "Part Two", you know, as well as a part three, four, five and six and seven and various other titles related to the series, not to mention this is a completely appalling rip-off of the original game except it's been *cough* reduxed as if it were the 1980s all over again.

Master Chief in this game is some sort of Lego Bionicle crossed between some PowerRanger and it's as though the author couldn't even be bothered modelling this sprite after the real thing rather than off the top of their head. Aside from this there are UNSC Marines which are all static sprites of Sargeant Johnson - yeah, because the plot goes something like "The UNSC only had one recruit for the army due to a lack of volunteers, so they cloned Johnson repeatedly only his clones were unable to move any muscle im their bodies, rendering them useless props". The vehicles are obvious rip-offs, but on the bright side they aren't half bad for sprites.

The sounds which accompany everything, including the vehicles, are dreadful not to mention the background music sounds as though it's from The Three Stooges or some other old slapstick comedy. Last but not least there was one fatal problem with this terrifying remake which made it far more unlike the series and ridiculous -- random crap which aren't even quotes from the series appear. These include "all weathers" "i could have been your dad" and "they are taller than me" or whatever it was. English is apparently not the author's first language due to the violently poor grammar and misinterpretation of real quotes from the series.

Overall, I can't believe I bothered writing a review but I thought it was so horrible I'd slap a warning right underneath the .swf file. Save yourself some time out of your life and don't play it.

:- / meh. It seems rushed and poorly programmed, I can't even pass the 1st lvl.

This game was a little disapointing ...sorry friend
I gave 0.5 becuase its realy hard to make games

Horrible attempt.

Clearly no effort was put into the project.

Sprites are horribly designed, copied backround, completly un-original and no AI whatsoever.

Perhaps try something easier next time, like a platformer.

If you die, the music overlaps, meaning you die more then three times which is inevitable, the music becomes the biggest f***ing nuisance this game delivers AND there is no mute button.

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2.90 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2013
11:45 AM EST
Action - Other