Hyper Futashy Flash

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Right, this is one of my later works, a bit semi-rushed, but it got most "needed" things in it. It was made for a recent contest, but mainly for fun. It's not amazing quality, but nor is it overly terrible. (imo at least) Depends entirely on your standards, but yeah, don't expect flawless quality and what have you.

Can't think of too much to say, but this should be properly tagged and whanot, my first submission to NG in this regard. But yeah, enjoy if this is your thing, otherwise avoid it. That's what disclaimers are for.

All and all, this contains exactly what stated, but perhaps not in the type of package some might be expecting :P


Just a FYI, I've been in the business for 15+ years. And I've had dozens of high name artists and popufurs run crying from me such as Atryl, Fisk, Kevinsano, Wolfy-Nail, Quilo, Doxy, Mittsies, Shenhibenki, Shadman, Freako, Sparrow, Fatelogic, Das, White_Kitten, The_Smiling_Pony, Notmenotyou and many, many more. So if you wana go down that path, don't expect to come out on top. I can casually decimate scam/hack artists before breakfast. If you wana disregard critique, go right ahead. But cut out your little tantrum before you get burned. Just a fair warning.
Anyhow~ You got some clipping issues with his hand and jizz as they go into his hyper dick. Not to mention the urethra flops about. Did really well on the expressions and shading however. (though, the shadows are a bit confusing, as it's not really clear from where the light source is emanating from.)
With the last scene, I am guessing it's implied the viewer is a peeping tom, if so, it was conveyed pretty well. Doesn't explain any of the other angles... so a bit disconnected there. Still, pretty decent status quo pandering.

P.S. 1776 will commence again!

what a "vulvatic" surprise... if there is such a thing ;]

Kattlarv responds:

I just find it greatly amusing to either reverse/make fun of a norm, and/or make the first of something in the world :P
... but scary to know I've done the first of several things. Especially as the net is a supposed "rule 34" hub, yet I've invented more than 6+ things xP

At first I thought it was shit. Then I thought she grew 4 more dicks. At least got a laugh out of it I guess.

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Kattlarv responds:

Heard quite a few say they (somehow) thought it was tan-ish, solid-liquid shit. Can't personally see it, but eh.
Anyhow, it's oversized, inexplicable human cunt. And it's just there for a laugh and to poke fun a the whole oversized, inexplicable mismatching herm fetish :P

It was funny... 6 out of 10.

Kattlarv responds:

Glad to hear it was amusing. Not the best quality, but I think it got a unique joke across :P


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1.06 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2013
7:45 AM EST
Comedy - Parody