Wilt: Last Blossom

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You are one of few survivors in a world destroyed by man made pollution. You're doing your best to survive with your daughter in the little cave you call home - unaware that the nightmare is about to get much worse...

Move with the arrow keys. Jump with A. Perform attacks with S. Throw grenades with D. Release energy blasts with F. Interact with the Space bar.

There is a walkthrough built in to the game. Just click the '?' in the bottom right menu whenever you get stuck!


I've spent 30minutes on it: it made me remembering about old games on game boy :)

You have done a good work guys, GG.

I like it :)

Asvegren responds:


Amazing game, But, at the end, i couldn't find the ship parts. So i couldn't finish the game, real bummer.

Needs to be better thought out, every time i tried running past the mutants they hit me so you can't even run past them without getting hit

I know this review is going to sound all super fucking negative, but whatever and to hell with it.

First off, everything was fine until the first boss. I died 12 times before mistakenly closing the tab. Then I come back to find no saved game. I had no clue the game didn't auto save and this really pissed me off. Because it might have been fun if only I could have cleared that boss.

Onto the boss itself. What the fuck is up with that thing? Now yes, I know I screwed up by not saving a full charge of energy blast before going into battle. But why should I need a full fucking charge on the first god damn boss? Also the health bar wore down at weird paces. Sometimes he'd be down to lowest health after only a few hits. Other times he'd be down to lowest health after like seven or thirteen hits. The power behind the attack seemed terribly inconsistent throughout the whole battle.

This game had promise. Maybe I'm just a bad player and did everything wrong. But man alive... ease up the difficulty on the first boss dammit. Or make it obvious that players will need to carry a full charge to take out the boss.

Again, I know this review may come across as super negative. But the points I made are an honest problem to me. I'm not here just to fuck around with you or anything stupid like that. I maybe didn't play the game right, or I just had some rotten luck.

Asvegren responds:

I can see you're frustrated, a lot of people had problems with the first boss and reacted similarly. What you missed was that there were spikes in the ceiling (quite obvious ones imo). Hitting the boss up to the spikes causes loss of life (which is why you thought it was inconsistent - you hit them some of the time accidentally).

It DOES say in the beginning that you need to hit save to save. I've had complaints from other people though so I do intend on implementing autosave in future versions.

All that being said, despite the validity of your complaints I wonder about how appropriate a zero star rating is.

I wrote a review for Wilt: Exordium that illustrated all the issues I had with that game.

Those no longer exist. This game shows high degrees of polish on the programming front and a tight narrative (for NG anyway). The music was great and fitting, the drama was appropriate, bosses were creative and fun (unlike the one from Exordium) and just...so much went right in this rendition.

The art is beautiful, from the trees to even the blocks. The weather effects were a welcome surprise, and the opening sequence, with the light focusing on him, and then "8-bit skull" appearing as you exited, gave the game wonderful, welcoming feel despite the dreary setting and depressing feel that permeated afterward.

I'm giving 5 stars because this is on the boundary of a game I'd be willing to pay money for, and it's length is fantastic as well as its polish. I do have two main issues:

-Faces: the people's individual faces were really...ugly. Their staring, dead eyes somehow didn't fit even with your theme, because your theme isn't people without hope waiting to die - it's people clinging onto the last vestiges of it. And I dunno, the faces turned me off a lot from everything else, just because of that look. Gaunt is fine, gritty is fine, but I still need to relate to them. I don't know if facial expressions like in JRPGs would help, or just better faces. I didn't find the daughter endearing or the father...anything, because the facial designs didn't really indicate that thought went into the character from at least that angle of the game.

-Length: your game is long, and that's a turn off for lots of people. Even if it seems cheesy, sectioning your game into "Chapters" is an effective way of assuring the player that YES, they are making progress, not just trudging through a dark tunnel with no end in sight. Breaking up gameplay with cutscenes and dialogue is also a must as games get longer, and most of the dialogue in the game was very bland. When you make something this long, variance is important to keep energy up, and contrasting a lighter cutscene with some difficult gameplay is useful. Even chapters with titles can make the player use a different part of the brain a bit. Chapter Three: Hook, Line, and Sinker makes the player pause and consider what that might mean, before delving back into the game with renewed energy.

But again, my quibbles are getting more semantic because this truly is a gem of a game. Go 8 bit skull! :D

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Asvegren responds:

Thanks for this review, and thanks for the one you left for Exordium. Feedback is truly invaluable and I believe this showed in Last Blossom. I am glad that you got the opportunity to see how your feedback affected an end product! Thanks for the help.

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Jan 8, 2013
9:13 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other