Wilt: Last Blossom

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You are one of few survivors in a world destroyed by man made pollution. You're doing your best to survive with your daughter in the little cave you call home - unaware that the nightmare is about to get much worse...

Move with the arrow keys. Jump with A. Perform attacks with S. Throw grenades with D. Release energy blasts with F. Interact with the Space bar.

There is a walkthrough built in to the game. Just click the '?' in the bottom right menu whenever you get stuck!


I got sick of this immediately. Every time I fought the very first boss, the heath bar glitched out, and I couldn't ever win. I just punched him over and over, and he remained at half health.

this reminds me of the last of us


The dialogue in this game, especially at the start, made me cringe. The plot is cliched and annoying. I mean, just... I don't even have words for it. Like, again this is the dialogue, but people saying the "ends justify the means" and later when everything goes to shits being all "oh no! what terrible people we are!" it's just... geez... I really can't convey how irritating it was.

It's not the plot was necessarily bad. But it was gone about in a bad way. Maybe throw in some more moral ambiguity. I mean, you could argue that the protagonist isn't MEANT to be seen as a good guy, but considering he runs around saving people's lives and is rescuing his daughter, whilst the villains throw around lines like "the ends justify the means" it's really hard to see this as anything other than a crude parody of things that have used these concepts before only better.

As I said, it could be done better. Maybe by the game aknowledging how fucked up it is for someone to place all their mental and emotional health on their kid, so much so that as soon as the kid goes missing, they start going around killing things. At the start, just wild monsters, but slowly more sapient beings before they're deliberately going into an enemy base, sabotaging everything and then, when they find there kid, just pick them up and decide to leave, not helping any other survivors or possible test subjects or scientists.

Heck, the people beneath where the scientists live could have added to this, have them talk about the double edged sword of being near the scientists. Sure, some things are alluded to, but it makes it sound like they're just trying to kid themselves into thinking they have it good. Also, it'd be nice if you'd made it so that we know that the scientists tried reasoning with the girl's father instead of just straight up kidnapping her in their first appearance.

Again, it's more the execution that I loathe. I know dialogue isn't easy, especially when you're trying to tell a story without having pages and pages of words, are trying to get more of a minimalist feel for it all. But, really, a lot of this game's plot and dialogue just really gets my goat.

Now, admittedly, people don't expect much from flash game plots, usually don't expect much, but I got the feeling that this was going for something more. And it failed, in my opinion.

Really unique with the style and the plot (even though post-apocalyptic genres are common). The controls however area really annoying and not that fluid :/

Asvegren responds:

Thanks. The controls in our next game should be better - we're working with WASD/arrow keys.

Amazing atmosphere. The music and the art are fantastic. Gameplay controls really sync to each other. I was one of the ones to get 'stuck' on the first boss. Took him out after about 15-20 flips. Finally realized he took damage on the flip. Oh. Look. Spikes. Hah! then I read about the [?] button.

People need to remember the old games that didn't tell you what to do. You were stuck with the cartridge and the controller. Half the fun is figuring it out. Or, just having a good ol' fashioned difficulty contest. Regardless, solid game. Will keep my save going, and keep coming back.

Asvegren responds:

I'm very glad that you're enjoying it, thanks for the review! Good luck with the rest!

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4.10 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2013
9:13 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other