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If you thought looking after plants was easy, think again! This fast-paced game of skill will challenge your reactions and give even the greenest of fingers a tough workout!

Take control of the wellbeing of virtual plants. It's your responsibility to monitor the health of multiple plants - using Koubachi's five key care parameters as a guide - and to ensure all their needs are met! How many plants can you manage at once?


Great Idea fr a game!

needs a better tutorial, it took a few tries to figure everything out, but otherwise it's a good game

Great concept and attractive art, but the difficulty scale is too steep. There's a delay in click-response, as well as a tendency for the plants to request the same things repeatedly. An ability to "upgrade" the tools might be helpful (e.g. larger can, fast misting, etc), as well as the option to reject plants.

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The single most annoying thing in my opinion, beyond even the click delay, was that I had to go back to the shed to get the same item repeatedly in a row. Thinking about it, if I select the watering pail, it should stay on hand until I set it back in the shed for the next tool, thus allowing me to actually use it as needed.

By having it return to the shed, this became akin to me grabbing a hammer from a closet, whacking a nail once, and setting it away in the closet, only to yank it out again for another whack; rinse, repeat. Stupid.

Another possible improvement: have the need-indicator show some measure of intensity. It's ridiculous that I have to grab the pail or sprayer multiple times to satiate a plant. If it needs multiple uses, have it take longer at the plant, or require multiple clicks.

Still, crisp art and a somewhat funny intro make for a visually pleasing game. Good potential.

Challenging. Not my kind of game, but I believe it has an audience.

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2.74 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2013
7:17 AM EST
Strategy - Other