The Rose is Blooming

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Weekend Warrior 5 Points

You're pretty good at not dying. Grats! Survive 25 days.

Mister Toughguy 10 Points

Okay, so you can kill zombies. For now. Survive 50 days.

Survivor Man 25 Points

So you'll make it for a while. Maybe even 'til the end? Survive 200 days.

I'm Coming to Your House 50 Points

Okay, you made your point, no reason to show off. Survive 300 days.

Sagittarian 100 Points

You're an ultimate badass. Survive 500 days.

Author Comments

I made some adjustments, reducing the chance of the super zombie showing up. The idea for the game was that it gradually gets harder with each passing day, and that your luck is worse each day. That is why it gets worse as you go, to see how long you can survive. I've taken everyone's crits into consideration and will make adjustments and release it again in the future!

The game autosaves. You can quit at any time, and come back to continue.

The goal of this game is to essentially see how long you, our hero, can survive after the end of the known world. There is some luck involved in this game, but also planning out what resources to use and when, is a major key to surviving for a long time. Please let me know what you guys like and dislike about the game and I will happily make adjustments based on the audience's opinions.

You don't have to rush in the combat, take your time. The zombies can only attack once, per each time you attack them. You hit them, then they can try to hit you. You always go first.


i love the concept , reminds me the old good games... it needs variety but its ok, shoulda try it if you like to read a lot :)

Let me start off by saying I am a big fan of yours. I love the work you do. The rose is blooming is a great title to this game. But, what the hell does it have to do with anything? Was it just a cool ass title?

- Artwork was great, as always. I loved the different armors on you avatar.
- Humor You always have great one liners. "It makes a turd"
- Concept

- As many others have pointed out. The rng in this game is ridiculous. Not even close to being fun. first 3 times I played I couldn't make it past day 40. The 4th time I played I just stopped at day 501 with 20/20 health 112 days worth of food and 41 bullets. Not because of any skill or different methods, just plain old luck.
- Weapons. Cool idea, but as someone else pointed out they really aren't an upgrade. Every time your character gets more health so do the zombies. Yet the weapon damage stays the same. Make the weapons scale with the character so you feel like you are getting more powerful.
-Armor. Only useful for aesthetics.

All in all this game has a lot of promise. Most certainly not your best work and seems very rushed and unfinished. Maybe you should have released this game as an alpha or a beta. It has always amazed me how fast you release and how good the quality of work you do is. I'm sure this game will get much better over time. Keep up the fantastic work.

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Pretty basic game, but actually quite addictive. I played a few times last week without much success. Didn't get much further than 100 days. Today I'm on a roll and can't see myself ever dying. So far 510 days, 22 food, 36 bullets, no medkits but 55 total health, great weapon and armour. I'm gonna take a break and pick up where I left off another day.

Would be great to see a sequel with a bit more story, more music, perhaps upgrades and other characters that join you like in the Last Stand. I like the autosave option, as I need sme sleep!

I should start this off by saying that I've always liked how your zombie stuff places survival over action/combat. Generally zombie things turn me off because they're so focused on Kill All The Zombies instead of actual survival. Goes from a terrifying bleak world in which you're fighting to survive to just a bland action fantasy. However, I feel like this game doesn't really hold up to your more story-driven work. Sure, it's more interactive, but it feels sort of repetitive, and, as others have said, there isn't a whole lot of incentive to keep playing other than just seeing how high of a score you can get. If you could combine the interactivity of this with the storytelling of your CYOA games, you'd hit the sweet spot.

On the subject of interactivity: it could use a bit more! As it is, it feels more like a time-waster than an actual game, like something that would be on Facebook or something. If you could create actual visual environments for all of the locations (perhaps randomly generated) and make it so the character could choose which area of the location to search, it would make it feel a bit more like you're actually doing something instead of just clicking a button.

I also feel like you should either add music to the non-combat parts, or remove the music from the combat. It's very jarring when that music abruptly kicks in after total silence, and not in a good way. Your CYOA games always had music, so I figure you must have people willing to contribute music to your works. It's strange to me that this one has so little.

Overall, I'd say it's got potential but could be far better. I know you can make it better, because you've made better games before. Looking forward to an updated version after you've taken everybody's thoughts into account!


i figured that, given that static state of the game play that the dev would've put more effort into the graphics. given that most of it is not animated in any way, the art itself should be top notch. as it stands, with poor design and execution, coupled with the lack of physical play, this game falls far short of it's goal.
I give it a 3 only because, despite it's flaws, I still found it fun.

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3.83 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2013
3:07 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click