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The Rose is Blooming

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Weekend Warrior 5 Points

You're pretty good at not dying. Grats! Survive 25 days.

Mister Toughguy 10 Points

Okay, so you can kill zombies. For now. Survive 50 days.

Survivor Man 25 Points

So you'll make it for a while. Maybe even 'til the end? Survive 200 days.

I'm Coming to Your House 50 Points

Okay, you made your point, no reason to show off. Survive 300 days.

Sagittarian 100 Points

You're an ultimate badass. Survive 500 days.

Author Comments

I made some adjustments, reducing the chance of the super zombie showing up. The idea for the game was that it gradually gets harder with each passing day, and that your luck is worse each day. That is why it gets worse as you go, to see how long you can survive. I've taken everyone's crits into consideration and will make adjustments and release it again in the future!

The game autosaves. You can quit at any time, and come back to continue.

The goal of this game is to essentially see how long you, our hero, can survive after the end of the known world. There is some luck involved in this game, but also planning out what resources to use and when, is a major key to surviving for a long time. Please let me know what you guys like and dislike about the game and I will happily make adjustments based on the audience's opinions.

You don't have to rush in the combat, take your time. The zombies can only attack once, per each time you attack them. You hit them, then they can try to hit you. You always go first.


The game is quite nice, BUT, im stuck.
Heres the situation:
I have 0 Food
Day 11
No Medkits
9/14 health

And i can´t do NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, because i have no food, i can´t rest i can´t workout, i can´t scout and there is seemingly no way to restart the game. What can i do, i liked this game, but i feel you should make some sort of "Restart" feature.

Thank you.

The concept is very creative and the illustrations are awesome, but random zombie encounters are waaaay too frequent. Food is far too scarce, so you're forced to constantly search (as opposed to using rest at all). Using rest results in more food shortages (food is already too scarce). There's a vicious cycle that occurs: food shortage leads to increased search, which leads to more zombie encounters, which leads to more searching with few good outcomes, which is coupled with more zombie encounters. If you tweak around with the search probabilities, this would be a much more enjoyable game.

I understand the game is supposed to get harder, and it does, sort of. It feels like a pain right off the bat and as it's a zombie apocalypse it should be. Luck is important, but perhaps some kind of skill system should be added. Even if it's done the same way you buff up. Buffing up by the way is next to pointless as it used up four days of food for little result compared to finding weapons. Once again the game should be hard.

As for skills, not too much if you do take this idea to mind. Perhaps something to enhance searching abilities, finding more medkits or bullets, or something. Even if the max is only a 25% increase just something to make us feel like we are learning to live in this hell more. Something to make us feel like we develop in more than just finding items.

Also the super zombie, this should be an event you can eventually confront. Maybe when you have good enough armor, weapon upgrades and bullets so you feel like you can meet some goal. What he does to you is fine, but you should have the choice to flee or face him, with a high death probability without a good level of upgrades. Not everyone is as into story (personally I love it) so everything I have said up to now is to help with those more action driven.

Personally I think anything I have said, or all of it together might require a new game, a sequel perhaps. I agree with an earlier reviewer, zombies based on appearance should have some differences. Running into weaker and stronger ones to vary strategy and chance. It really is rather easy to just flee and keep building up on the good stuff.
The merchant was useless for the most part and the insane guy was a pointless event. Which gives me another idea, perhaps a skill to work better with other survivors.

The safe house and travel system are fine. The bullets and medkits serve their purpose well. Finding them is as difficult as it should be in an apocalypse. The game was fun but mostly a time killer which gets repetitive very quickly. Still more than I could pull off.

I did enjoy the trial and difficulty of the game, I really did feel like I had to survive. While my suggestions can make you a better survivor, it should not make the game notoriously easy even later on.

Anyway overall I think it was a good game considering you are branching from your usual story driven games, which are rather excellent in my opinion.
So to sum up everything *I* think:
Skills, developed either by choice or gradually through experience.
Events that grant greater purpose(does not mean always a good purpose)
Super Zombie Combat Event (Make it hard, a last boss sort of thing requiring high upgrades so people still have to work for it)
Zombie Variations (A bulky guy might do more dmg, and an armless guy could be easier)

I look forward to future games and I hope that this helps you and anyone who reads it. Play the game it really is worth a try at the very least. I died three times and still kept going until I climbed higher in the days and proudly hit the mid hundreds!

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omg my guy keeps running into zombies youd think hed be smart and avoid confrentation -_-

Made it to Sagittarian; more of an endurance challenge than anything. I did like that I had to change strategies continually, it made you think slightly about what your next move was, but eventually it turned into simply clicking to finish the game. I did like that the zombies tended to get slightly stronger after a while. But there was no difference in any of them; I was half-expecting an armless zombie to be weaker, or a bulked-up zombie to be stronger, would have made a difference in strategy.

The armor does absolutely nothing; I found plenty of armor upgrades and always was knocked for one damage. Resting for one day, doesn't actually make a day pass. The superzombie is a cute random event, but doesn't really add anything except depleting your ammo and medkits; which eventually parodied itself by making me deplete ammo and medkits that I didn't even have.

I also echo the criticisms that 50 ammo is way too much for armor; especially given that armor does jack. Moreover, if anything the merchant's store should be a location you can go and trade things, not a random event. Plus, if you have a safehouse, then naturally it should have storage. Make it so I can store my precious medkits and ammo instead of carrying it all with me to be hopelessly lost the next time I get my ass tossed off a 10 story building.

Finally, change the resting picture or rate your game Adults Only.

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Jan 7, 2013
3:07 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click