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The Rose is Blooming

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Weekend Warrior 5 Points

You're pretty good at not dying. Grats! Survive 25 days.

Mister Toughguy 10 Points

Okay, so you can kill zombies. For now. Survive 50 days.

Survivor Man 25 Points

So you'll make it for a while. Maybe even 'til the end? Survive 200 days.

I'm Coming to Your House 50 Points

Okay, you made your point, no reason to show off. Survive 300 days.

Sagittarian 100 Points

You're an ultimate badass. Survive 500 days.

Author Comments

I made some adjustments, reducing the chance of the super zombie showing up. The idea for the game was that it gradually gets harder with each passing day, and that your luck is worse each day. That is why it gets worse as you go, to see how long you can survive. I've taken everyone's crits into consideration and will make adjustments and release it again in the future!

The game autosaves. You can quit at any time, and come back to continue.

The goal of this game is to essentially see how long you, our hero, can survive after the end of the known world. There is some luck involved in this game, but also planning out what resources to use and when, is a major key to surviving for a long time. Please let me know what you guys like and dislike about the game and I will happily make adjustments based on the audience's opinions.

You don't have to rush in the combat, take your time. The zombies can only attack once, per each time you attack them. You hit them, then they can try to hit you. You always go first.


It's already basically a zombie RPG w/roguelike qualities, so maybe the sequel (or remake) would be better if you just took it in that direction and fleshed it out more. Different weapons and armor would having different Attack and Defense ratings, respectively. Training would increase maximum HP. Killing zombies would yield EXP, which could either lead to level-ups or be spent on increasing stats or learning skills. Using Medkits would increase your skill with them, such that future uses would recover more HP - much like using bullets in battle would increase accuracy, damage, and/or critical hit rate with guns.

There should definitely be different choices available for each event. There were just too many events with no choice on the player's part, and a lot of them ended up giving some kind of penalty (e.g., the bandit encounter damages you, the boot/plank misstep thing damages you, the super zombie either damages you or makes you lose resources). Also, there were waaaay too many super zombie encounters in my playthrough past day 200, making it impossible to stock up on bullets or medkits.

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This is glitched some how. Sometimes your attack message becomes that of the zombie.
And at day maybe 200 or so, for some reason, health kits stop adding to, and/or, goes missing from my inventory. Since I was thinking maybe it's glitched, I tried to refresh.

Then I found that this game has no saving.

I see it's to prevent save cheating but I'm thinking maybe a forewarnng would do some good as to prevent this kind of misfortune.

Otherwise, this is a simple but somewhat entertaining game.

it´s a matter of pure luck.
Strategy is not really involved, whenever you get a choice it is obviously between a feeble hope to survive and suicide, but it is always clear wich one will kill you within 3 rounds and wich one will get you to the next choice.

well, no need of a computer and 6 mb of flash for this... take a dice and observe the following list.

1-you starve
2-you got killed by zombies
3-you got wounded by surrounding (wich it happens way too often, by the way, what´s that, every 6 days the idiot steps on a nail or closes his fingers in a door? such retarded is better off dead.)
4 or better -roll the dice again.

About the fight with zombies, you hit, he hits, you hit he hits...
well, the moment you get slashed first time you already know if you should flee or stay, there is no indetermination at all.

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Neds more chances to get ammo, food, and melee weapons

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This game has a lot of potential but it gets repetitive. There is also the factor of the longer you go the easier it gets. As your health weapons and armor increase the less you worry about dying. this usually happens when your health gets over 30. Try adding some other combative challenges and give people the opportunity to fight bandits and super zombies. If you plan on making any sequels though it will be greatly looked forward to.

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Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2013
3:07 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click