The Rose is Blooming

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Weekend Warrior 5 Points

You're pretty good at not dying. Grats! Survive 25 days.

Mister Toughguy 10 Points

Okay, so you can kill zombies. For now. Survive 50 days.

Survivor Man 25 Points

So you'll make it for a while. Maybe even 'til the end? Survive 200 days.

I'm Coming to Your House 50 Points

Okay, you made your point, no reason to show off. Survive 300 days.

Sagittarian 100 Points

You're an ultimate badass. Survive 500 days.

Author Comments

I made some adjustments, reducing the chance of the super zombie showing up. The idea for the game was that it gradually gets harder with each passing day, and that your luck is worse each day. That is why it gets worse as you go, to see how long you can survive. I've taken everyone's crits into consideration and will make adjustments and release it again in the future!

The game autosaves. You can quit at any time, and come back to continue.

The goal of this game is to essentially see how long you, our hero, can survive after the end of the known world. There is some luck involved in this game, but also planning out what resources to use and when, is a major key to surviving for a long time. Please let me know what you guys like and dislike about the game and I will happily make adjustments based on the audience's opinions.

You don't have to rush in the combat, take your time. The zombies can only attack once, per each time you attack them. You hit them, then they can try to hit you. You always go first.


Great. Loved it. But maybe a little more customization and open choice, and easier to find weapons. PLEASE!!!!

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The game is just WAY too boring.

Not really a review, but whatever. This is more of advice for everyone else.

After surviving for around 800 days, I had enough food for 180 days, and had 22 heath. I had the katana weapon (4th upgrade I think) and the mustache armor (I lost track but I think it was around the 11th or 12th upgrade). It took 2 melee or 1 bullet attacks to kill a zombie and I never took more than 1 damage, if not blocked completely.

I decided randomly to increase my health to an even 30 because I had the food for it. After doing so, I noticed something. It took 3 melee and 2 bullet (or 1 of both) attacks to kill a zombie now. I also noticed I occasionally took 2 damage from getting hit.

Deciding I was finally done with game, I decided to experiment.

I used up all my food to increase my health as high up as I could. I ended up with between 70-80 health. When I got into a fight with a zombie, it took way more hits to kill a zombie now. I didn't count but I think it took around 7-8 melee hits to kill a zombie. I was also taking damage anywhere from 1-5 each turn.

So the difficulty of the zombies is directly proportional to what your maximum health is. The higher your maximum health, the stronger the zombies.

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for some reason i encounter the badasses from the sagittarian

I enjoyed this game... at first. When you discover the formula to survive 500 days it gets pretty easy. By the time I managed to get to the 500 day I had already a badass weapon along with an armor and I only fought like 10 times... just to see how much damage I could cause. Pretty good game overall. Hoping for a second part?
Formula: Flee EVERY godamn time til you're a total badass. NEVER go for bullets (super zombie will take them all T_T)

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3.83 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2013
3:07 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click