The Phantom Beast

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Finally there's this! Enjoy. What we have here is an assignment for my experimental animation class last semester. I was focusing mainly on characterization. There's not a whole lot of action, it's mostly about subtle acting and facial animation. Even so, I'm pretty happy with it for a first effort! It's a silly little thing, but it was great fun to make!


Ow, my ears, get a nice mic before making new episode

l: :l IM DASHING AND I KNOW IT and pretty good ...:L

Now this was quite the interesting claymation adventure.

and fun to watch too! Awesome!


I always say the same when I'm lucky enough to see clay-made-animation, also know as "claymation".
1.-It's original: it's not the mainstream parody or easy-humorous Newgrounds flash animation
2.-It's hard to make, which is a big enough reason to rate over 3 stars.
3.-Whether you like it or not, you've always got to admit that it's a very (VERY) cool thing, because it looks more material & realistic than even 3D-flash animations.

You, Macanulty, have proven to have a very good knowledge of those three points, as it pulled out a very interesting animation with easy-seeing lots of effort.
I will just say that a bit of polishing with the voice is the ONLY thing this needs to finally get a 5/5, because the little deformities of the protagonist's modeling is what gives this a really artistic (and beautiful) aspect.
I'd also like something: did you just use a figurine & model design technique and made 2 figures for the main character which you "gave life" through movement or you used a wire frame to be the "bones" of the figure? Because the movements are very,very smooth... I've seen stop-motion films at the cinema when I was younger and they seemed much rougher than this.

Finally, let me tell you that I'm happy to see this animation here, and that just because of it you've won new fans (in my opinion). Keep up this fantastic work!


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3.95 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2013
1:31 PM EST