Madness Torturation

January 7, 2013 –
June 8, 2015
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Happy Madness Day 2013 guys!(i know this was released in January but I dont wanna miss madness day this year and I have exams so I am gonna tag this as md13,lol)
Made for Ludam Dare25-theme-'You are the villain'
Made by MetalBooster
Sprites taken from Krinkels' madness series
Killbot remix(original is by Devin Martin)
Salvation-Closing by cheshyre

Up/Down-Rotate shotgun
SPACE-Fire shotgun
Z/X/C in mag agent V2 battle for defense

This game was made in 2 weeks and this is my my first run n gun game,hope you enjoy it.Also,the auditor is a bit glitchy

HELP ME:You can help me by clicking on the ad.It gives me money


This is the most broken game on Newgrounds

5 stars amazing and awesome game ever love madness

Nice game mate!

cool game,

hank its best of them he can kill all yeah!!!!!!!!!

I like it, I think you have the potential to make a second one. If you will, I have some ideas for you: Medkits, More enemies (like Mag Agent: Gesalt from Project Nexus, or Mag Hank, or even Sanford and Deimos), and an easier way to shoot things.

omg its very cool game five stars

awesome torture is my fav mag agent
i love it
5 stars


HOW TO WIN the achievement So That's What Happened!

Nice game, although it could be worked on a bit more.

greet 5 stars of 5 but need more enemy!!! > : )


This Game Is Pretty Awesome! Great Work :D +5 Stars!

This game is effing stupid, if I press one button, it will spam and I will be immobile for the rest of the match, so the game is impossible to win.

easy but very very g00d

awesome now i won the game finely!

cool game

This day win nine medals in this game: D is the best

Good game all your games is good FiendMachine


Ducky was kinda tricky, I accidently ricochetted ( spelled wrong lol ) my slugs against his axe for me to find out how to kill him. The rest was quite easy actually. The author does a FUCKTON of damage, but just keep him in place where the lightning strikes, and after 2 hits he will die and you win.
I always wanted more madness medals, and finally I've got some more :D
Awesome little game, kept me entertained ( as the medal-whore I am ) and the soundtrack was good.

For some reason I can't destroy Hank's grenades. Dafuq.

lol XD


on my imagination: torture: hey ducky yor axe! ducky: thanks * axe hits ducky * * ducky dies * torture O_______O

Auditor Is Too Easy

Amazing Storyline Bit too Easy :/

cool game though

too easy

Too easy, and auditor is the easiest. I was expecting something more.

Auditor is the only one left >:(

not tho hard butt auditor is so hard!


1. Mag Agent V2, Go To Right Will You Press SPACE As There Are Agents, After You Find The Mag Agent V2, Go Shoot Him 3 Times.
2. Mag Agent V3 (Duck), Try To Shoot Duck's Weapon Until He Fall Of Cliff.
3. Clown, Clown Is So Hard, The Best Ways To Kill Him Is Taking all the clown's attacks in mind,it is wise to stay where you were in the beginning of the level and let the clown carry his attacks. Finally, when he comes back, fire at that bastard! But don't move. Don't Forget To Kill Agents Who Ate Clown's Hotdog. LOL. (Thanks To The Walkthrough).
4. Auditor, Just Make Him Toward To Lightning Then Done! (Thanks To MHFU-TeamLeader).
5. Jebus, First Attack Jebus In Your Behind, Until He Got Some Shoots, He Will Gone. And Grenade Attacks You. After That Zombie Gonna Attack You In Left. After That Go Kill Jebus In Right.
6. Mag Agent V4, Try To Firing Until He Died! This Is Most Easy Boss!.
7. Hank, Probably You Don't Know How To Kill Hank But With Walkthough You Can, Try To Shoot Grenade If Hank Throw It, After That Try Shoot Hank And DONE!.


LOL Really? I think auditor is the easiest cus all you gotta do is lure him towards a flash of lightning then... Done! He's dead meat.

i beat the agents , mag agent v2 , mag agent v4 , jebus , hank , clowm , butt i cannot beat auditor

I remember when i could never get past hank got all medals now great game

Awesome game but my favorite mag agent is Mag Agent:N (Project Nexus)

I GOT ALL MEDALS I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!! 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 STARS

Great game not to difficult but fun and nice to play when your bored. AND TORTURE IS MY FAV CHARACTER

Tricky was so intense...wait is that the guy who ate trickys hotdog? LAWL! xD

...whats with the controls? lol

The controls are so broken I can't control the guy.

Amazing and this game was realy easy

no pude matar a the auditor y es mi caracter favorito

Cool game, but where is the agent that ate tricky's hotdog? It's the only badge I don't have.

who eat tricky hotdog ???
for more fun use mouse for aim ...

how can i eliminate hank?cool and awesome game!

:) the game is good

cool even how do u deafed hank

Still boggles my mind how this game won madness day

Yikes... Kinda disappointing how shitty this game is. What, did you put an hour's work into it?


juego es re chimba por eso me gusta madness :D

Nice game just vearry glitchy

Hello guys,im get all medals.you all get.

epic but needs a facellift

Wow! I really like this game.Also, i loveall games madness ! :D :)

Nice work, you did this alone :o. Great work!(except for the music but..;) )

hint to beat ducky: shoot his mega hammer

I think yhe control of this game is good because i like it reposition into first position,maybe add more challenge

It would have been an okay game, but the hit detection is awful. Can you at least improve that?

I completed everyone,I only had to kill Ducky. But the hitbox sucks! I always die because of the HITBOX!

The aiming system is complete shit and the hit-boxes don't always register. Try making a game with *better aiming physics*! Other than that, this game isn't too hard. No shit, I beat Jebus first try. The hardest one was Hank (mainly because of the dreadful aiming).

this game is hard as shit! when I lose the game I have to start the whole game over please make the game more easier! >:( this game is boring and is shitty no offense bro but seriously why couldn't you had lives! or atleast infinite lives -_- this game is impossible to beat and I cant even get through the damn axe guy!! my bullets don't effect him and doesn't push him off! it just goes through him! I read the description and you could have atleast some lives and also why the fuck would you wanna kill hank for???? hes cool so why do that??? if hank never existed the madness series would never have been made if you're an hank hater you don't have to rub your hateness in us hanks faces geez 0/10 sorry next time make lives or checkpoints other than that this game is shit

A really awesome concept for a madness game to play as a Mag Agent, and it was pretty well done. Also thanks for including a good walkthrough. That was fun!

lol not so hard do thanks for walkthorgh

how i kill the fucking hank

I Beat All The Boss

how i kill the hank?

i do want to help you but i hate adds!! oh by the way great game though

i WON! :D

Hi, sire. Whoever created the game, i amnew to newgrounds, i gotta say this is the first time i encountered a "madness" game and this is just amazingly fabulous! :)

i got all the medals

I would rate more IF I could shoot! Half the time im just spamming the hell out of my computer

Nice,awesome and fantastic! :3

No offence but this is horrible. The controls are way to buggy.

its the first time that i play it , but its awesome!

finally i finished the game and i got all the medals! hint: to see the agent who ate tricky's hotdog go to the tricky stage and walk forward you will see a dead agent walk towards him (danger you might die) and you got it!!! >:)
i found your secret, metal booster!!! >:) >:) >:) >:D

great game

top 2 game after nexus

this game is LIKE SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i completed it without dying >:D

More Weapons Please But Good Game

i beat the whol game in 1 try i relly did no lie

i love these games

i just won the game that's all i ever done in this game

Its a good game but there is a glitch,I want to play again after i beat them all,beat the agents and then when I want to pick my guy,it says they have already been killed.

wow I cant find the agent who ate tricky's hotdog but I beat everyone :D can someone tell me how to find the guy who ate tricky's hotdog so I can PWN him?

Nice game, not best, but i loved it. But how do you kill Hank? I dont reallt get this. I dont know what did you mean by saying "Shoot his weapon".

Love this game, but I can't kill the Auditor, when the blue spot arrives, I run behind to lure the Auditor into the blue spot, but he kills me with his chaingun. :(

I don't know why but Ducky was harder to eliminate than the auditor
any thoughts as to why that is

Dude this game is FREAKING S***TY AWESOME!! You should create more games in the future

someday u are going to be a famous game maker in the fucking world man u are awesome keep up the good work

TOO GREAT¡¡¡ i am complete the game, but is too easy

this game is F***ING AWESOME!!!!!!! i love it! great work. this is like madness family duels coz the have like 1 weakness.

Slight problem, when you fight Ducky... It says to "push him off the cliff" but to do so, you'd have to lead him. And you can't walk by him.

the auditor was easy so was the savior but can you make a scene where people can see demios and Sanford die? *plese respone*

Nice game. Maybe a bit too short.

Its fun being a giant 1337 agent :3


Cool game! Btw, my game saves :/

how do get to the agent who ate the hotdog

cool game I enjoyed it 5 stars for the game and a
thumbs up for you!

its an AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i got all madals!

its fun to play

Lots of fun.

At first i hated this game. I thought half of the bosses were pathetically easy and the other half were fucking impossible. But once I actually figured out how to fight Hank and Mag Agent V3, the game was a lot of fun to play. My only real complaint is that the character moves way too slow. I know it makes sense 'cuz he's a mag agent, but I think he should move just a little bit faster. So I'm deducting half a star. But other than that, the game was great, lots of fun, my Playthrough was Mag Agent V4, MG V3. MG V2, Jesus, Hank, Auditor, and finally Tricky.

Good work guys. Great game. Well deserving of first place on Madness Day VG contest.

i beated it and i got all medals

Where an agent who ate a hot dog tricks?

to easy but good game all medals gotten

Awesome :D

I love it :D

Simple, sweet, and to the point, definitely unique for the fact that there has never been a game where you play a mag agent before. Definitely a new concept to be expanded upon.

Although I am suck at this,THIS GAME IS AWESOME!

Good game, but hank is too easy =(

......... DIE Hank im a giant :}

Awesome Game :D


:) a beat the game........YEAH

çok güzel oyun

AWESOME but when u die u CANT RETY SO FUCK U

kill all human :O
hi 5465

here to kill hank shoot his bullets and then when he shows his gun shoot
him and thats it

yay i got top score today and for this week!

click on ads, i shall do no such thing!

Someone please PM me all the music in this game :D

That was pretty good! I enjoyed the difficulty of each enemy! Five stars

how to do it the score to +6000

Addictive :P

how can i find a guy who eat trikeys hotdogs man krinkels tell me

Got all the way to the auditor before I gave up :I

Hey Madness123, you finnished this game in 1 day and i finnished this game in only 15 minutes

hey how to kill hank

i like it :D

o.o,good game!!

i finis this game just for 1 day

im 1 in week and month

pls tell me how to got the find the agent that ate tricky hotdog?

awesome! its a little bit easy but i like it!

Nice Game,Good Scripting,Music Is Nice,Also I Thank you for Killbot remix,Its 1st my favorite boss battle music,Gave it an 5 out of 5

all are easy including tricky the zombie its so awesome game

MEDAL HINT: You'll have to pay me back for this tip:
The guy who ate Tricky's hotdog was the only dead agent when you battle Tricky... but you'll have to go all the way right.
You're welcome... um... hello??

I killed all :D

is only a game.................................

i win all the medals but i cant win the "So that's what happened"

you can not kill myself auditor

good game easy medals though anyway, congrats!

you know why hes name is ducky? because he has a duck nose

mag agent v3 is nicknamed ducky

Not bad!I dont know how to kill hank? and today I have beaten him! Yahoo!

To kill the clown, stay at a side and shoot the head, to kill hank, shoot the bombs and when he's shooting, shoot his face

really enjoyed it... though it was very difficult with the auditor glitching and all

Good game...I didnt even have to wait for it to load tho, i just right clicked.....wierd...........

holy jebus this is a good game

(this was really cheesey XD)

Still a better death story then pac man

poor hank =\ he is awsome and i killed him XD
great game buddy =D

Keep it up Metalbooster


Great game, good job man!

IT IS EASY if u understand what u have to do (review by PoisonousSnake which poison's makes u laugh. NOW LAUGH!!!!)

I win all medals!!!!!!

I got a cheat just press right click and click play

Really nice game you made here!
I like the whole thing where torture is like "Fuck this shit I'm out!"

I LOVE THIS GAME, but I hated the bugs :/
The bugs are: When you get killed by someone after killed Mag Agent V2 and Hank, it won't save for hank and mag agent v2 (i suck at english)
But hey the game's funny and great.

How do you get the Medal "So that's what Happened"? I just can't seem to get it!

the controls are so awkward

Hey uhh how to defeat ducky? i cant go past himm to make him fall offf d cliff :| OVeralll awesomeee game bro!

I beat it... it was fun! My favorite fight was ducky

its easier to fight the auditor first . because when you fight him last your life will be low because of the other fights .

yay i won

for smith

y wanna 1 more auditor

good game i like it

a necessarily good game. however, some of the stuff reset when i died, otherwise i would have given it 5 stars.
i managed to beat it. good for me.

When The Sequel Will Be Posted On Newgrounds??

Sorry For My Crappy English.I Am From Brazil

How to unlock the "So What Happened!" medal?
Good game though.

All Medals Obtained o_o

@TheAnotherMadnessFan He reminds of Megaman because you fight a lot of bosses in the order you want, Same happens here.

is there going to be a sequel?

Game is just awesome even more good if in popup

Game cool!

Not bad. Nice game. But this game reminds me Mega Man.

not bad, i had issues with hank, he just shot at me a few times then retreated behind the box and through grenade after grenade til i died, not exactly the best thing ive had happen

Way too easy can you make it harder?

isnt bad

Why are you asking us to use ads i hate them so please we will click them if we want don't beg us other than that great game and good character drawing :D 9/10 keep doing what your doing and make more Madness games for us to enjoy!

great but the aiming sucks other than that epic

wow amazing 5 stars!

We had fun with my friends

cooldog159 thats not a glitch i beat tricky i lose and i found tricky that i beat it

Fun game. Hard at first but once I learned the strategies for each boss, they were easier. Great job.

this game is very nice

what is the music called

it's so good that i seen his original creator in action (including his author)
you did really good krinkels

El juego esta genial, incluso es mi primera vez que juego con un antagonista

Impossible to aim, but it could turn into a good game with improvement

Rather bland. The animations were very... Slow, and not very impressive. The boss fights, while differentiated in most cases, were rather bland as well. The game is also a bit buggy, sometimes the hit detection fails when it comes to shooting Hank's grenades or shooting the standard thugs. It's good that there was some thinking going on in terms of making each fight different, but with the fact that the game revolves around moving left and right down corridors and pressing the space key every now and then the variety ends up being forgotten among the tedious nature of the fights, the biggest of those is the Ducky fight, where you just sit there for about three or four minutes shooting his ax when it goes either up or down, taking a step or two forward every single time. Perhaps if there is a sequel or update, it will be a bit more fast paced and less tedious in terms of gameplay.

i know a glitch. when i beat jesus, and i die, it sais i still beat him. but other than that 5 stars

Cool game.

Very challenging and fun. Good job :) 5/5

Might want to patch a few bugs in the game play but otherwise, a good game in itself.

it was okay in the least just a few bugs other than that it was fun but annoying at times but i will give it a 5 out of generosity.

Cool game.

THe auditowas supposed to be hard, but I killed him so easily.

mm ver very nice
it's is a intesresting veriety

very easy however I don't know where the person who ate tricks hot dog is.
please can someone help me with this part.

Hank was easy for me just shoot his grenade then shoot him. but half the other bosses are hard but good game

Not bad for a person who likes madness combat. :/

Hank Is Hard

its not you, its just not krinkels...good try though

no much fun


im lost in hank i need help D:


*sarcastic* this game is awesome especially for the fact i am using google chrome and it doesnt even work yay this awesome game gets 0 stars

Need to make a sequel whith better controls and more bosses( also a saving system)

'_' position 263 with 3.025.
Very good Game


easiest game ever i beat it in 5 min but it was still good

this game is awsome

nice game and awsome but its a little triky for me


The Song Is Beautifull =')

superb game! create more games like these

I beat it! YUSS1

2 more medals hank gets killed lol

Worst entry in the Madness series, shit controls give the player no choices/strategy. Feels clunky with no essential Jump key implemented.

I don't think it's bad! In fact, it's awesome man!

This game is terrible. :(

auditor too hard



how to '' find who ate tryicky's hotdog'' THE HELL ... awesome game

How to kills:

*Mag agent V2: Shoot your way on agents while dodging bullets in pop up screen (Z, X, C Buttons) Whe you reach right wall, where the Boss is, shoot him 3 times (But still dodge bullets!) and will die eventually.

*Ducky: When he lifts the axe, lift your gun and shoot it, making him to stand back, When he ducks the axe, shoot down, making him to stand back, do so and so and so, until you make him reach right and fall off the cliff (Make sure you go right while shooting him!)

*Jebus: Go to right rooms end, while shooting the clouds he throws at you, shoot him when reaching Right, he will dissapear, spawn some zombies at your left behind, Go Left, and when reaching, shoot him, he will dissapear again, turn back again and shoot him while avoiding his sword, DEAD!!!

*Hank: go right, let him throw a granade at you, but be at a distance so you shoot the grenade in the air, he will pop out of his cover and shoot you, shoot him at close range. HEADSHOT!!!!

*Mag Agent B4: Shoot all rockets he shoots at you while getting close to him, shoot him Dead...

*Tricky the Clown: Smash the Spacebar button till his health drops to 0.
Note: You might loose some health trying it.

*Auditor: As you see, he is inmune to shotgun shots... Lead him towards 3 Lightnings and will eventually die.
NOTE: Really hard since you can die by trying it. Try not to frustrate!

:) BTW, Awesome game! Good job!

Here are some hints to help kill Mag Agents V2,Ducky,V4,Hank Tricky,Jesus,Hank,and the Auditor.
On V2,keep hitting the defense keys to dodge V2's attacks until you get to him.
On Ducky,shoot where his Axe is about to swing until he reaches the cliff.
On Hank, find a way to get him to use his other weapon,then shoot it midflight then shoot Hank.
On Jesus, shoot behind you,his fireballs,his zombies,out of darkness,then shoot Jesus after he swings his sword.
On Tricky,shoot his head to harm him,then keep moving left to avoid his fire attack.
On V4,keep moving right while shooting V4's rockets until you get to him,then shoot him in the head.
And on Auditor,just keep firing while confronting darkness.

the game i so good in fact i liked it i was playing it againe and again thx for making it the graphics was good :))

3.5 because 1. the games is most easy game ever in madness i wanna is hard 2. the rewards must be other than more health 3. is the worse because we have to kill hank too he is my favorite hero in madness

i killed hank for once boo ya :D

i killed everyone except hank omg !!!

in made it in beated the game and is very good but try to make more weapons to the torture

It was good for a first or second try, but i t got frustrating after dying the Ducky And The Audior

To kill Auditor, you basicly make sure he stands at a spot where the lightning hits. And he dies. I killed him easily ._.

Good ! But I can't defeat auditor is so hard ><

LOL tried all ways but cant defeat hank wtf?

simple but fun

I almost killed all

a very good game deserves 5


its ok there needs to be save points

this is hard to find the agent who ate tricky hotdog X( but the game is good XD

Too Easy... Hehehehe i just die from auditor and hank

you kill ducky by shooting his sword til he falls off the cliff

how to kill Ducky is extremely difficult

very good dude but why i can get one medal i found the agent who eat the tricky hot dog D: can you help
i beat the game with the other medal :D
great game ;)

Good Game and how to kill duck is when he puts his axe up shoot it and when he puts his axe down shoot it then do it repeatedly until he falls down the cliff

I love this game, it's just how do you kill duck?

Ok, not great.

I beat it in 15 minutes. Pretty decent game. Needs better and faster animation though. Thanks for the achievements. Good thing this game wasn't hard.

it could use some work but ok

Awesome game! Moar madnessssss!!!

I beat by a glich I was about to die from the audiatar and I wacked into lighting and won

I did it. I beated the game. :D

i fucking love madness

Very good game like ur another games CONTINUE FRIEND

didnt like it srry dude

smart, very good game!
I clicked on it and what you asked!
muchoi hope you win!!
jejej luck!

4/4, 4/4

It was actually fun. Definitely not perfect, but really fun to play.


if i had a choice this would be SAVED

You can get through the whole thing by holding left+spacebar. The only variation is in quick time events, which are almost never a good idea and aren't even that quick here.

The music was decent. The graphics weren't too bad.

It was a very fun game. I also liked how you play as Torture.

fun game but really fucking hard

not bad

i have all the medals

Nice game. Could have been longer and harder.

I hate this game.

Great game. Somehow there are problems with the higscores, when I finshed all the levels and got a 0 for it (but i think it saved the real score). The rest is good, althrough I died a few times, but when starting "all over again", some levels were marked as allready finished, LOL.

Not bad but not great too. Too slow to really have some king of strategy against the bosses.

Thematic is cool but controls are improvable. I don't like the main menu


Stats, Info & More

4.16 / 5.00