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Neonider 3

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10th Year Old 25 Points

At least you know how to avoid (Finish 10th Mission)

20th Year Old 25 Points

Yeah ! Adult Video ! ( Finish 20th Mission)

30th Year Old 25 Points

Just Married ! (Finish 30th Mission)

50th Year Old 25 Points

Half of one century(Finish 50th Mission)

Ten Thousand Scores 25 Points

A song by Wanezza Sarlton (Get 10.000 In Stage Score)

Twenty Five Thousand Master 25 Points

The father of Nega, from magister nega mega (Get 25.000 In Stage Score)

Warhumming : 50K 50 Points

A games by BioWire (Get 50.000 In Stage Score)

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Hi!, This is Neonider 3 !
Hope you enjoy it !

Feel Free to Comment and Critics !

NB:We still need an music Engineer, Please email to :
to join our team !

PM me if there is a bug !

Bug Fix :
v1.2 Fixing not looping sound !

Note :
1.Alex-O said that he get some money suddeny, its from mission, use P when in game to check the mission and reward :D


A really nice casual game with great upgrades. The difficulty seems about right. There does seem to be a bug where if one replays a level the background sound goes off. This can be fixed by simply muting and then unmuting the sound again.

While this game has not changed much in terms of its engaging gameplay,it may be a little disappointing that the shop is missing which increases the chances of survival but it seems that the fact the character respawns on the level of the previous game and that the score mulitplier is unaffected when the character takes damage are included to make up for this.While this makes the game less frustrating as the player does not need to worry about making up for the lost score,the shop actually improves other things like the character's speed and total health,making it easier to survive when the difficulty increases,so powerups(and the player's skills) do not need to be depended so heavily upon.
(1)Maybe the shop system should stay but maybe upgrades to the character's speed(it seems too slow against the faster moving obstacles that appear randomly from the sides of the screen),the chances of more powerups appearing and their durations,more types of powerups to slow down obstacles,for example and upgrades to the character's damage resistance,if not total health.
(2)Having pointers at the side screen to point out where the obstacles are coming from outside the screen may ruin the game as it is not used in the previous games but why not?This can improve reaction time when the screen becomes too 'crowded' and helps to make up for the character's speed.
Anyway,this game still has the good,old engaging gameplay like a retro arcade game(which its designs resemble),so keep it up!

I liked it, simple yet addicting, nothing groundbreaking but it was coded well.
Isn't too hard after you upgrade a little, it lagged but that's probably because of my machine.
With some BGM it goes to Four. Right now i'll give it 3.5. Good Work.
I'll need to play 1 & 2 to see the evolution now.

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RedRain responds:

Thanks for the response :)

I really liked this game! It's fun, though there's two things I must mention. The first is probably something already mentioned, but the music stops suddenly after a while, and the only way to bring it back is to pause and then mute, then unmute the game.

The second thing might be something I'm overlooking, but after a few plays, I'm not really understanding how I'm getting hundreds of dollars to spend. Not complaining, just not understanding the mechanics behind it.

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RedRain responds:

The money that you get is from the finished mission use P to check the mission and reward :)

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Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2013
5:41 AM EST
Skill - Avoid
  • Daily 5th Place January 8, 2013