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Rock n Roll

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- Jump from spinning platforms, slippery ice and get shot out of cannons.
- Collect coins and destroy the aliens to score as high as possible.
- Play as one of 7 unique characters.
- Dodge rockets and collect cool bonuses.
- Earn an extra life by collecting 200 coins in a row.
- Single button controls.
- Challenging achievements! Can you earn them all?


A decent game, the gameplay was interesting however i thought it was very easy... i think a difficulty option wouldnt of gone amiss... but never the less great game :) very addictive

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casualmachine responds:

Hi UltimateOmega UK,
Thanks for checking out our game, :)
We'll definitely look into a difficulty option in the future.

Really fun and tricky, platform on wheels= genius! Just a bit more lives would have helped though..

casualmachine responds:

Hi Steeve92, thanks for checking out our game. Glad you enjoyed playing it.
You can get more lives by making a combo of 200. Perhaps this target is a bit difficult and we do plan to adjust it. Thanks :)

Nice game, it got really addicting, but then I got bored.

casualmachine responds:

Hi monkeysavage99, glad you enjoyed playing the game. :)

Great game , but it gets boring after a while. Maybe different levels or the possibility to buy upgrades would be fun. But still loved it, great music also

casualmachine responds:

Thanks YeyMuffins :)
We will definitely consider adding more variety as the game progresses.

It's an alright game it's not difficult but it isn't THAT easy the missiles threw me off every now and again when I wasn't expecting them so it made me fall and lose a life. Just a few things that I think you could add is maybe more obstacles to add the chalenge factor in the game. Also maybe if you change the playstyles of the different characters adding a different challenge with power ups for each of them that is special to them. I like the game but it just seemed that 1 it was a bit to easy and 2 the characters didn't have much change in gameplay or varied I got Manuel really easily and maybe add more characters if you can think of any.

casualmachine responds:

Hi rhyss,thank you for checking out our game and these valuable suggestions. We will definitely keep these in mind.

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3.36 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2013
2:33 PM EST
Action - Other