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Getting Your Feet Wet 5 Points

Reached level 6. Ready to submerge!

Sharing is Caring 5 Points

Create and share your own Drawscape level!

Dangers Ahead 10 Points

Reached level 11. Many dangers lie ahead!

Bonus Master 25 Points

Completed all 3 bonus levels. Awesome!

Home Again 25 Points

Reached the ending. Finally found your way home!

Full Sweep 50 Points

Completed all the levels! Unreal!

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Drawscape is a physics platformer where you draw shapes to overcome many challenges and puzzles. Play through 22 unique levels as Kami, a curious fox girl with the power to create and destroy.

You can also create your own levels in the world builder and share them with others!

Instructions are written on signs in game. Having trouble? Click the "Show Me" button on the bottom left corner (only available for levels 2,3 and 4). Drawscape is definitely easier to play with a mouse or tablet, but it is playable on a laptop.

Here's a video of the gameplay: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=4EscHA5kBhY

Note: To clean up the shared levels, I will be manually deleting any "blank" or unplayable levels. These levels will remain in your personal saved levels, so if I have made a mistake, you are free to share the level again. Also, even if I delete your level, you will still keep your Sharing is Caring medal - I simply want to keep the shared levels filled with levels people can actually play!


Okay, I've reached a point where I simply can not advance. It's the fifth level. I go to this one part where I go down and automatically die. I know there's some hearts down there, but they don't help me at all. Anyway, this is still a very nicely done game. The best thing about it is probably the graphics.

It's nice how it has a very pleasant atmosphere to it. I appreciate how you can customize it. I am glad you don't have to go along the dotted lines exactly. Heck, you can draw something new entirely! It's fun to see a furry do this too.

davidmaletz responds:

Yeah, the dotted lines are only there on the early levels to give you an idea of what to do, the game doesn't show them at all after the fifth level, and on the fifth level, it doesn't show ALL of the shapes you need to make to win. On the fifth level, you need to descend slowly - you can do this by drawing a shape underneath you, and then clicking the shape you are on to remove it, and repeat this until you get close enough that hitting the ground wont kill you (but of course there are many other ways to do it!) The hearts are there to replenish your health after you've drawn shapes to make it down, they won't save you from death.

Glad you liked the game, and when in doubt, try experimenting with what you can do with the shapes! The signs and dotted lines will give you hints, but often you have to figure out tricks yourself!

I really like the idea you are going for here. A few problems though, the audio needs work. I started the game and got stuck with looping audio and had to turn it off. The other thing I noticed was that character couldn't easily run over "lumps" in my drawings, so I ended up stuck and having to restart a level just for not having a perfectly smooth platform. I liked the animations and the character speed felt good, I would suggest you work on the swimming a bit, along with the pillars of water just being there...I get the idea of having them there so the player can get back up, but it looks awkward to just have a square pillar of water hanging around. Seriously though I loved the concept, just needs some more polishing. Keep at it!

davidmaletz responds:

What is the audio looping bug exactly? It works fine for me, playing the songs until they are complete, then looping them. Maybe try updating your flash player, and if that doesn't work, I'll look into it, but it's tough to solve bugs when I can't reproduce them on my machine.

The "lumps" problem is known, it has to do with Box2D (the physics engine used), and is non-trivial to fix. Usually, you can just jump to escape them, and the snags, while annoying, are rare and don't cause major problems. Can you share the level where you got stuck on the lump? Perhaps I can fix it so you can jump to escape it so it's not a level-ending bug.

As for the square pillars of water, I suppose it is kind of silly, but it serves its purpose haha. The levels can be designed so that the water looks like it's contained by land, but the water doesn't flow, it's just a static shape. Maybe having the water flow over the landscape could be pretty cool, especially if it could be manipulated, but that's an idea for another game. I'll definitely keep that in mind if I make a sequel!

Thanks for all the good feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Girl with Fox tails and ears :p half a star for the efforts though :xd

It's a good game, no lag, nice art and graphics but the idea isn't very original.

fun fun fun

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Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2013
12:23 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle