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Brominoe Effect

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Comedy - Original

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Jan 5, 2013 | 10:11 AM EST

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Author Comments

Two.. uh... gamers? Yeah, sure. Gamers. Two gamers have no way to play their games, and decide to do something completely different.

Thanks to Kaimanstrosity's wackiness during our improv recording, certain things wouldn't be in there that I'm glad is.

BinaryDood also helped with the very well made shots. They look great, and fit in nicely. Well, I think they do.

Hope you guys like it. XP



Rated 4 / 5 stars

That ending was sweet. I laughed like an idiot.

Nice animation.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

cool animation, confused about the story line though

Kiigen responds:

Their Xbox broke down, so they played board games, and card games and stuff. Then later, when their xbox got fixed, they realized they enjoyed the non video games, and found them more entertaining than the video games. So they went back to playing other stuff.

An unlikely story.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great work, animation looked fluid and was entertained throughout the entire piece. Looking forward to seeing more from you.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

People tend to get really mad if you compare their style to an already existing one, but I think it's appropriate when it's rather clear the style is trying to achieve another one.

There tends to be a lot of jokes because idiots say egoraptor did everything. Egoraptor invented wacky faces, colors, frame by frame, the Heavens and the Earth, etc. However in this case it's fairly obvious you're attempting his style. The characters, the pacing, it all just attempts to be egoraptor. There's nothing wrong with that, because I think it probably benefited this cartoon.

That said, in the future I'd really like to see you develop your own unique style.

Now, onto the rest of the cartoon with that out of the way.

The animation was really impressive. It flowed really well and suited nicely, there weren't any jerky shitty "bleh" parts, everything worked really nicely. I really enjoyed the thicker linework outlining the character, it was a small thing, but it really put the cherry on top for me. The lines themselves weren't anything amazing, but the characters were almost constantly moving so it didn't really matter.

The colors were sort of bland and grey and muddy. I'd really like to see some more vibrant popping colors that are appealing to the eyes. It felt sort of dull on the color side, nothing really stood out. Try studying colors more and using really fun bright colors that make the audience's eyes feel good. You used fairly good colors, but they were really watered down.

The audio was fine, no complaints. The voice acting suited contextually, and there isn't much to be said about it.

My only real complaint was the humor, but that's something everyone naturally evolves. You make what's funny to you when you make it, and your sense of humor evolves and develops forever. It never stops, so I won't judge that as much considering you, at the point where you are, find it to be funny. Although I will say, a general rule with anything is to take it to the extreme. if a scene is sad, make it REALLY sad. If a scene is chaotic, or the joke is everyone is being chaotic, then be as chaotic as you can. Take it to the highest level, turn everything up. That makes the constant between scenes and emotions and jokes roll better, it's more of a roller coaster to watch.

You've improved a lot, keep up the good work dude. I look forward to seeing your future work.

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Kiigen responds:

Thanks Zach, I really appreciate the time to you took to write all of this. Alot of the things you mentioned I sort of didn't notice, so I appreciate you pointing it out to me.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

great animaton... could use some music..

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Kiigen responds:

I agree. I'm too picky and went with nothing. I'm sorry for that.