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this took way to long to release. it was a fun animation but because it
took so long i got a lot better before i finished it so i hate it forever, sorry. next shit i release will be 60,000 times better i promise sorta luv u


I thought that animation was very amusing. What concerns me though was the references to 9/11 and to the Nazis (Swastika sign). I myself was not offended by these images, but other people may be offended. Just a heads up. Nevertheless, interesting animation and entertaining voice acting.

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It was alright, the ending was really the best part. The animation was pretty good too.

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Decent art, and I like how the animation is relatively restrained despite the ridiculous subject matter. I thought it was pretty funny too, in a quirky way..." charming", I think is most appropriate.

The kid's (Swedish?) accents pretty much made the video, I don't think the narrative would have kept my attention otherwise.

I suppose my only real complaint is the lack of context, but even then I don't think that was the point of this. Anyway, I think you're onto something. Good job.

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Not a story that i car for. Did have some funny parts in it and animation was ok. I know there are people on new grounds that will love this so you have my vote for in. I REALLY hope you can keep that promise though lol. Also is there any real reason for the accent? Also last line is my favorite part in this story cause it explains alot.

giving it 1 star because you did put a little effort into it. My first gripe is the rating, this is by no means an "E" flash. Teen rating at least. Please rate your flash appropriately next time.
Next thing is the animation. it's a bit jerky and not really all that smooth. I suggest putting a bit more time into making the animation fluid next tiime. The artwork is so-so, i've seen much worse but also much better. Your line work is actually quite nice, but need to work on your proportions a bit more. e.g. some of the faces had wierd bumbs and wierd shapes to them.
Lastly, the sound quality. Sound quality could use a little improvement, but it was aight. honestly though, that accent was kind of annoying. sorry :P. Also you didnt really have to voice-over a narrative for everything that was going on. It's not a bad thing, but with better animation you could get away with minimal to no narrative on a piece like this. Look forward to seeing your next piece, especially if its 60,000 times better :P.

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3.73 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2013
4:03 PM EST
Comedy - Original