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Rhythm Doctor

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Glitchtastic 25 Points

Beat the boss level

Hopeless Romantic 25 Points

A-Rank in Intimate

Mission Accomplished 25 Points

Beat the final level of the demo

Pearl Jam of the Orient 25 Points

A-Rank in Oriental Techno

Wubwubwub 50 Points

A-Rank in Oriental Techno (Hard)

Secrets 100 Points

Unlock the secret stage!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

8/8/16 - Alright fixed! Thanks to Tom Fulp and Psycho Goldfish for such a quick response!

7/8/16 - Holy wow its been a long time. In the past two years Flash did some changes that meant the old version stopped loading songs. I'm gonna update this one soon to make it work here, in the meantime there's a working version at rhythmdr.com!!

5/4/14 - Updated with new BOSS LEVEL! Also: Press CapsLock during a level to toggle an experimental 2-player version. P2 uses the L key. It might make some of the multi-row levels easier ;) (And also, hallelujah Chrome has been updated so there aren't latency problems any more! At least on Windows, dunno about Mac.) Thanks again for the reviews and feedback, it is really nice that a lot of you are enjoying the game.

25/3/14 - GO TO rhythmdr.com FOR NEWER VERSION. I WILL UPDATE THIS ONE WITH BOSS LEVEL AND TWO-PLAYER DROP-IN MODE SOON! (in the next week if possible!!)

10/2/14 - Thank you so much for the reviews and suggestions, we always read each one, and they're what keeps us going!

11/1/13 - Hit window has been tightened up a bit following more playtesting.

10/1/13 - Feedback dialogue upon failing a level is now skippable! Thanks to the suggestions in the comments, and the NG team for featuring the game.

Edit: Thank you for all the kind words people :) We're trying hard to get this game sponsored so we can dole out the full version. So if you liked it, rating this game on the sidebar (even multiple times!) to the left would be very charitable of you and help increase the game's visibility in this Flash jungle. The review scores don't count towards the rating, so if you wrote a review it would doubly help if you rated on the sidebar too. WE LOVE YOU!

Oh, unlocking the secret level involves perfecting a particularly hard level. It's.. for your own good.


Browser: Anything but Chrome (update: Should now work on Chrome if it's the latest version of Chrome! Right click the game and check the version of the Chrome Flash is at least 12.0!)
Flash Player: 11.4 or above

IF YOU INSIST ON USING (an old) CHROME: The Chrome problem is not specific to this game, but affects all games. It's just this game requires a degree of accuracy so high that the tiny lag caused by Chrome's inbuilt Flash Player is enough to throw the timing off. YOU CAN MAKE IT WORK IN CHROME by going to chrome://plugins and disabling all plugins with 'PepperFlash' in the location. This will make it use the normal Flash player like the other browsers, if you have it installed.

IF YOU ARE USING LINUX: The latest Flash version for you is 11.2 which unfortunately doesn't include the amazing sound latency update. The game should still be playable, the only difference being that the audiophiles will notice a 0.1s latency between pressing a key and hearing its sound effect. However if you're used to playing flash games on 11.2 and have never noticed this then it shouldn't affect you! Just press enter at the warning.

Rhythm Doctor is a tough ONE-BUTTON rhythm game heavily inspired by Rhythm Heaven!

For those who played Rhythm Heaven, the defining feature of the series is the extremely strict margin of error, compared to any other music game out there. This means many people even realise their rhythm is a little off until they play Rhythm Heaven. My game seeks to emulate that feeling :)

Many. many hours have been spent making the engine accurate. After extensive testing we found a calibration that worked for all browsers except Chrome, which lags due to it using PepperFlash. Enjoy!


I would give 10 stars, just because of that dope boss stage

Really good game, the boss this incredibly hard (i didn't even beat it yet) and it's really well crafted. The first stage was fun and it had a simple but useful tutorial, even do, i've encountered a bug, If you restart a Song while you lose on the boss stage (the animation that his head is falling off), two songs with start
to sound.

fizzd responds:

thanks, glad to see from your medals that you beat it in the end! Thanks for the bug report, we'll fix it in the next update

Man, I almost feel like you put in TOO much effort into that boss battle, it was that well crafted!

Well, there's not much new to say about this one. It's still an excellent achievement both technically and gameplay-wise. It really nails the strict timing and yet excellent feedback of the rhythm heaven games. Congratulations on your GDC win and I hope to see what else you come up with in the future!

fizzd responds:

Oh if you think this is too much you should check out Soundodger+. They have got pretty much the equivalent of this, but for every one of their songs. thanks for playing our little game though !

Thanks for the bulletin reply and the links =D!!! But love this game I'm geeked you did an update but good luck on those exams I hope you do well and look forward to more work from you.

That boss level is intense, I never though a rhythm game would even have bosses, let alone ones that worked. But that is just so neat.

Although, I honestly cannot think of another way of creating bosses other then the glitch/distortion method you used, which is super fun anyways.

fizzd responds:

Thanks, glad you like it. Oh ho ho we certainly have more unique bosses in store. The good thing about developing a game in your spare time over 3 years, is you have a really long time to think and refine your ideas :)

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4.25 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2013
2:04 PM EST