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batman eat picachu PARODY

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Author Comments

(sorry for the bad english) as you know last year apear in the front page an animation of batman, eating a pikachu, some of you dislike this, but it has more than 20,000 views, and yes is short, bad animated, without a point... but actualy I liked, so I decide to make a parody, if you don't like well.. at least I tried lol. this is the profile of the original creator: http://funkmation.newgrou nds.com/

... it seem that no one reads the description and look how funny, this get to be on the front page too

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Artwork is nice but the concept is in poor taste. Also, too short.


*Singing* Thiiiisss waaassss shhhiiiiitah!!

This was a masterpiece!!

The animation I must say is flawless. The way Batman licks his own mask as he gets ready to eat Pikachu is just marvelous! Alright but seriously, the animation is much better than the original version. The knife, Pikachu, the carrot, and Batman are all much better in detail. The fork and knife having the odd shape to them seems off. I think sticking to just having a round tip at the bottom than jagged looking would have been much better.

Cutting into the Pikachu it was nice seeing some detail as the skin/fur comes off the Pikachu and Batman even indulges in eating the fur of Pikachu as if it was nothing! The carrot looked better as well. Would have been nice if Pikachu and the carrot both had some steam coming from them if they had been cooked unless the blood from Batman's mouth indicates it is being eaten fresh.

The story here is sad and short. It seems to be the tragic tale of a recently caught and killed Pikachu (most likely by Alfred) being put on a table with a carrot up its ass for Batman to enjoy. Batman then proceeds to lick his mask with some saliva sticking to it. He then proceeds to stick the fork into Pikachu's side and cutting at it with the fork. He then eats the morsel of flesh that he had just cut off from Pikachu.

The music used was great and added some atmosphere to the loop. However I feel more sound should have been used. For instance, Batman licking his mask could have been accompanied with a licking sound. As he cuts into Pikachu, possibly the sound of a knife cutting against something soft. Lastly, for Batman eating, the sound of him chewing on the meat would have been nice.

Overall, improvement parody of the original, nice work. Have fun with future loops and animations!

It's a pretty silly flash, I appreciate it for what it is, a quick joke on the "Batman eats" meme. Nice work here.

Credits & Info

2.21 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2013
5:34 PM EST