Drake and The Wizards 2

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First Time 5 Points

Complete first Level!

50 Baddies 10 Points

Kill 50 enemies

Drake and Money 10 Points

Buy something at Wizards Shop

Skelletor Off 25 Points

Defeat the first boss

Some Bonuses 25 Points

Find 15 of total bonuses levels

Bonus Champion 50 Points

Complete all the bonuses

Final Challenge 100 Points

Complete the game

Author Comments

Join Drake the Mighty Dragon in its quest to protect the mystical crystal of Tyvandul from falling into the hands of the evil wizard whose ultimate goal is to conquer the universe!

6 Badges and 2 hidden ones to lookout on newgrounds.
We really love that you like the game.
Thanks all for the 1st Daily Award, we going to add more badges for this version soon.


What is the "special power" you are supposed to unlock after finding all the blue gems and dragon coins?

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lartar responds:

Extra Jump, More Fire power reach and more time invulnerable after getting hit.

Thanks for your feedback let us know if you have any other doubt.

The first game was great, lots of content to it, and even a charming special room for collecting all 10 dragon coins, which in turn would grant you awesome abilities such as the super powerful level 3 fire and infinite flight. And then there was the purple 'mirage door', which would make water seem like air.
Compared to it, this game seems just a bit... underwhelming. There is twice as few content, the mirage door has been replaced by a 'freeze pear' which does less than the last game's special thing did. And the dragon coins don't give you a special room of some kind, and the abilities you gain from it aren't as awesome. Your flames go just a little bit further (a third flame would have been awesome!), you're invincible a bit longer after hits, and you have a third wing flap. All just minor things that don't make feel like one epic dragon. ;P And collecting extra hearts and powers inside of levels just feels more rewarding than buying them with gems that you'll never have a shortage of.
All in all, while the other game had much more charm in all the places, this was a pretty good game while it lasted too. Expecting 8 full worlds in the next game! :P

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lartar responds:

This sequel is made to users who send us a lot of mails asking for new version and take a lot of their ideas. For sure will take notice of this, add new powerups and make a better game with more worlds, enemies and a lot of new features.

We love that you like the game. Thanks.

It's a decent game.
Waaaaay toooo repetitive though.
I got all my upgrades and what not. I'm actually at the Highlands 4, but I'm bored.
You can try to put more upgrades and add some more interesting features to it.
What about some mini bosses?
How about some kind of mini games that people can play to earn new rewards?
Maybe a progress in story of some kind?

Here are some other small things that I may need fixing.

1. Am I allowed to jump through platforms? I can do this going up, but never going down.
2. Sometimes i went through walls. I recall this happening more often during the swimming process.
3. Don't leave the tops (roofs) and what not with space. This makes the gamer think there may be some hidden item or bonus there.
4. The increased range of my fire did very little for me. i didn't see much of a difference.
5. Most of the time, if I slid off an edge onto an enemy, I would take damage. This should probably be changed. Jumping on an enemy on purpose and sliding on top of an enemy should still have the same effect.
6. Are the little skeletons in the Boss map the only kill-able skeletons? I tried killing the other ones throughout the game, but was unsuccessful.

Most of the game is very solid, make some changes to the monotonous music and gameplay and you have yourself a very good game.

But overall, I enjoyed it

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lartar responds:

Thanks for your review. We will take your notes in consideration, will help us a lot for new version.

I laughed really hard when i first saw the dragon running around. It's sooo awesome! But anyways, I can really see some donkey kong country inspiration to this game. Lots of secrets and random challenges to come by... The gameplay can be boring at times though. I'm not sure what it is, but the game needs another perk or challenge other than enemies. The fire breathing is a little too basic, although it is ideal for a dragon... but it needs something like maybe killing enemies and being able to throw them. It needs a bit more of a challenge I guess is what I'm getting at. But the game is friendly and fun, so nice work.

3.5/5 stars


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lartar responds:

Hi, Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, for sure will take on consideration for next version. We have a really nice feedback for the game so we are looking to add new features for the dragon.
And we take some inspiration from old SNES games and DK is one of our favorites. ;)

FU*K IT! I'm sick of this sh*t!

I did like the game because it was like so many older style games and it wasn't hard to learn. However, I hate the boss fights - in particular the final wizard boss - it is terribly drawn out. The fact that you can't duck is, at least, a loss of 2 stars. Not even the action of breathing fire, which makes you kind of duck, allows you to keep from getting hit by something that is barely skimming the top of Drake's head. 1 star lost for lack of variety, all 8 non-boss areas are practically the same.

Maybe I just plain suck at fights that require patience. I really wanted to see the game to the end & really was going to type my review after game completion... but I can't fu*king take it anymore. Not being about to duck is a fu*king game killing pita!!!

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3.86 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2013
1:22 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop