Drake and The Wizards 2

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First Time 5 Points

Complete first Level!

50 Baddies 10 Points

Kill 50 enemies

Drake and Money 10 Points

Buy something at Wizards Shop

Skelletor Off 25 Points

Defeat the first boss

Some Bonuses 25 Points

Find 15 of total bonuses levels

Bonus Champion 50 Points

Complete all the bonuses

Final Challenge 100 Points

Complete the game

Author Comments

Join Drake the Mighty Dragon in its quest to protect the mystical crystal of Tyvandul from falling into the hands of the evil wizard whose ultimate goal is to conquer the universe!

6 Badges and 2 hidden ones to lookout on newgrounds.
We really love that you like the game.
Thanks all for the 1st Daily Award, we going to add more badges for this version soon.


Very enjoyable game. So far I really enjoy it. I haven't beat it yet, but so far it seems rather easy. I guess this is a game mainly for the younger crowd. Other then the easiness this is very fun! One thing that I wish were in the game is "berserk" mode for the dragon. That would be fun :D

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lartar responds:

If you can elaborate that idea we'll consider it for our next game; right now we are in the process of analyzing all the feedback and writing down new ideas for the sequel.

Hacen falta sonidos en las pisadas del protagonista. Fuera de eso, quedo chido :-D
Otro consejo, pelen mas al artista, los artistas piensan en imagenes y eso es bueno XD

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lartar responds:

¿Acaso piensas que los programadores piensan en binario? 0.o

I played through the game in it's entirety , I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.Despite that it may seem aimed at younger audiences I liked the warm and colorful graphics and the shading and wouldn't want to see you change your style.Overall I feel your game is a wonderful product , the graphics are appealing , the music and sounds are pleasant , the controls are smooth and easy to get acquainted with and the experience in general is worthwhile.The difficulty was a bit on the easy side , at first I had worried over the availability of extra lives but when it came down to it I didn't actually die.The dragon coins and blue gems were reasonable , I was able to find most on my first run through but a few of the area 2 levels I missed some and had to run through a second time.Generally the only real fault I have is that I was left wanting more , not a bad thing really , I just wished there had been more content and levels.Some of the things I would love to see in such a game would be more levels for starters , a lot more , perhaps eight worlds if possible , that would be long enough for me to feel fully indulged but not so long that I lose interest.Along with additional levels bosses and mini bosses would naturally come into play , but something else that would be cool is if you were able to find secret or hidden exits in some levels that may lead to shortcuts , alternate routes , bonus levels or various other secrets , maybe even unlockable alternate colors or a hat for novelty purposes , even though I like blue.Greater enemy diversity would make it more enjoyable as well , even if you have more than one foe that serves an identical function , just the different form would offer a bit of diversity.Maybe more upgrades or even the addition of temporary or single use items that take effect at the start of levels , just to give something to spend gems on other than lives after the upgrades are obtained.More breath weapons would be interesting as well were that a possibility , maybe if there were an electric breath , it could pierce enemies or have minor seeking capabilities or just longer range , I think it would be cool at least.The storyline worked well too but were it a bit deeper with more scenes during progression that may make it a bit more engaging , I'm not entirely sure with that one though as your storyline worked rather well as it was despite simplicity.Also I noticed in one of the blue gem challenges there were fireballs coming at you much in the fashion of Mario games when they approached Bowser.I found that element interesting , a regular level that incorporated such would be interesting.I know you have falling platforms but maybe you could add tilting platforms somewhere too.I think that's about it , that's my opinion at least.Personally I found the game rather fun and will be looking forward to your future works , even if you didn't try to make improvements or adjustments I would still want to play the next one , it's plenty good as it is.Hope to see more from you in the future , were the game bigger and had more content it would be something I'd be tempted to actually buy.All in all , good job.

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lartar responds:

Thank you for your review and suggestions. We really are glad that you like the game and that you give us such a nice review. Thanks again for this effort and we will take your suggestions for the next version of the saga.

The game is good but the italian translation sucks, I can help if you want

I'm sorry, I don't think it's a bad game, but I don't if there's many 8 year olds around here.

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3.86 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2013
1:22 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop