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LoiterKlok 3.0

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Recently, I and COMPUTER have devised an ingenious program that takes a given show and mutilates it and reedistorts it into a new format, creating an endless amount of future episodes.
It is also able to SPLICE two or more television shows together into one hybrid mutant. This cartoon , LOITERKLOK 3.0, is one of the most advanced forms of this hybrid.

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I actually think I'd watch this if it were on AS. It was pretty sick.

Possibly the biggest concentration of mind-screwing nightmare fuel on the planet.

There is no plot, really, but a set of random images from Loiter and Deathklok (aka Metalocalypse).

This is a throwback to all those random pointless Flashes (Sturgeon's Law at work) composed by the Clock Crew or by anybody who splices random images together to create something freakish and ugly. There are many of these; I recall ebaumsworld.com's f*ck sh*t p*ss as an early example, though that was a music video with... you get the picture.

I expected nothing less from this author, who tows the line between aggressive and psychotic in regards to offensive content. Spam authors should take some hints, although everyone else can just gawk. Does it set out what it wants to do? Yes. Is it a success in that sense? Yes. Is this something we should be glad for? I can't be certain. In that case, I've failed as a critic. The least I can say is that this is how a sober man gets to be high without the consequences, because this is what you see when you are PLASTERED.

If there is a LoiterKlok 3.0, were there previous versions? That's Nightmare Fuel in itself. Emily Youcis must be one hell of a freak in person....

I wonder what if I watch this by beingh hight..

what the heck are these stupid faces from mowdol