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DSTMM - Test 1: Run

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*Currently looking for an artist to help with this project, the only requirement is that the artist can draw in the style of the game Don't Starve*

- Unpublished the animation while I added a middle scene of events that happened previously off screen. Hopeful this will help avoid confusion as to what is going on-

Full Title
"Don't Starve The Musicaless Musical -Test Episode 1: Run"

This is a short test animation for a series I've been writing biased around Klei Entertainment's game Don't Starve. Nothing in this test has much to do with the final product story-wise, it is mostly to figure out how it will look and work.

(Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=JCQceeQ48I0

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very creative, unique, i would like to see more to this story, i didnt get how he saw food and shit happened.....

MegapiemanPHD responds:

This animation is a test for a larger sieries in the same visual fasion. The plot of this animation has nothing to do with the main series plot. The plot of this animation was that Wilson was hungary, saw a Tallbird egg, went and picked it up, then was chases away by the Tallbird. It's baised around how things work in the game Don't Starve so unless you have knowledge of the game I can understand how it can be hard to fallow. I didn't think till later that I should have added a scene when wilson picked up the egg. I may actually end up doing that.

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4.25 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2013
9:35 PM EST