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Hey! Another "Craig's Adventures" short! I know how all of you have been clamoring for a new "Craig's Adventure" short! (Spoilers: NOBODY was clamoring for a New "Craig's Adventures" short.) For those who don't know, "Craig's Adventures" is a show I make with friends about 5 guys who just hang around. One of the guys is a fish and the main character is a Talking square. Yes.

As usual, feedback of ANY kind is appreciated. So please, leave a comment. And hey, if you like this, check out some of my other stuff, it's probably just as good. And hey! If you like that then maybe you should follow me. And HEy! Maybe I should shut before I start sounding like one of those "Youtube Superstars". Until next time, Newgrounds!


pretty funny , though you need to work on your art !!

keep it up !

Hmmm I see some potential with this series.

Heh it has a very Eddsworld kind of humor and it was pretty fast paced and to the point. Which is funny why do I love it when all the characters talk fast. I dont know anyway great job and I hope to see more from you!

Decent story and characters. I don't know why but the yellow square guy just....Idk...There's something about him that I really like and I don't know why. Keep it up!

work on your animation skills more, but nice story

Pretty well done. Solid voice acting and good animation. Main suggestion is to work a little on your lines and a little more attention to detail. A lot of the lines aren't as smooth as they could be and the characters are a little bland looking. Don't get me wrong i did enjoy it, just giving some constructive feedback. Think i will go check out some of your other stuff. Keep it up though, your characters have personality, i like that a lot.

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3.46 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2013
8:52 PM EST
Comedy - Original