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Millions of Zombies

rated 3.10 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Jan 2, 2013 | 7:42 PM EST

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Author Comments

Online Action RPG
-Try to survive as long as possible against millions of zombies
-Extensive item system features literally millions of items to acquire
-Sell your loot to other players and buy new equipment via an open marketplace
-Tons of new features are being added every month

New release - January 4th 2013

New Feature : now using facebook login for facebook version.
New Feature : added an option screen where we can, for now, calibrate sound volume.
Improvement : Added better feedback when out of energy.
Improvement : Added better error login on the server side. Will help me to fix server side bugs.
Improvement : The equip button no longer appear if the character does not meet requirements to equip an item.
Improvement : Made it easier to see the time remaining to cooldowns.
Bugfix : fixed a bug where it was possible to finish a night in 2 seconds and exploit this until infinity.
Bugfix : fixed a bug where if you clicked the store during the countdown to the next night you would lose your progress.
Bugfix : fixed a bug with the search engine in the marketplace.
Bugfix : fixed a small bug in firefox where the night text would not update when changing night in the overworld.



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Rated 4 / 5 stars

heres some improvements you can make:Make a statistic system where it explains status upgrades for example(defense:protects for %.1 of damage per point).
i have trouble selling/salvaging things w/o clicking a tab and back to sell again and tabs for inventory for organization instead a bunch of icons in one area making it messy.
people like being awarded and challenged you should make challenges with types of rewards and a zombie statistics depending on how many zombies you have to kill in order to get the stats of the zombie or something similar,since its in beta and in development i give it a 4.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I have enjoyed this game thus far (level 17 in this sitting) and ill share some of what i have experienced.

- it seems the melee weapons are meant to burn down one zombie very quickly but the damage it does in comparison to other weapons for the EP cost seems unbalanced. The heavy weapons are hard hitting high cost area effect which is good but your 2 slot weapons felt weak. I found myself only using melee and heavy (my gray melee weapon did more damage faster for less energy then my rare pistol/AR). Maybe add a range to melee weapons, say, half the screen so my pistol will feel useful.
-I have 50k wealth and a half full inventory of blues and nothing to really spend it on. Consider adding your own store with items to be bought so you can have some influence on your in-game economy. Give players an idea of the worth of some of their items. I have no idea how much i got from salvage because i was just mass salvaging all my grays towards the end, but displaying the salvage price somewhere in the item information display window would be helpful.
-Everything was pretty easy to navigate and figure out. The only time i was confused was right at the begining when the zombies started walking across the screen. I had no idea what the gameplay would be like. Consider adding an avatar so i can see a character with a gun in his hand and know that's me although that would make it difficult as your guns shoot from an unfixed point off the screen in the direction of your cursor so maybe a better option would be to give us a cursor that looks like a gun wherever our mouse is. Again the bullets would have to come from your cursor instead of off screen, for continuity, which might be a large change idk. (tutorial would probably be better)
-When you select an item in your equipment screen it would be really helpful to see the change in stats if you equip the weapon, so if i had 20 strength and i select an item with plus 2 strength on it a green 22 would be displayed next to the 20 and conversely a red 18 if i would lose 2 strength on equip.
-The items level requirement doesn't seem to match the stats of the item. I had more defense on a level 6 item then i had on a level 8 of equal rarity.
-Each weapon has a damage range but i was not noticing any variation in the damage being dealt (excluding crits). My colt was just doing its max damage of 42 every shot, so do you use a roll for every shot or is it based on your strength. Having enough strength will max out the weapons damage.(For me the more information displayed the better.)

That's it for now. Good job its well on its way. I look forward to the skills addition.

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alexmtl responds:

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I have introduced a very nasty bug with yesterday release where every zombie drops an item. That's not how it's supposed to be! I will be fixing this tonight.
Will look into all your other points closely this weekend as well.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

An excellent game, my only problem is every now and then everything on my screen disappears and im left with the background only and it just stays frozen during missions. I then have to refresh the page and i have lost all items and cash that was gained during that level.

Other than this the game is great and I have been playing it for hours!

Can't wait for the updates, when will they be released?

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alexmtl responds:

I release update every time I have something substantial or important to release. It can be one release a day (like past 2 days) to maybe 2-3 weeks between releases, depending what features I'm working on. The skill system is pretty big and will take a while to finish once I start on it.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

this game sucks >:(

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