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Mad Princess

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Legend Of The Mad Princess 5 Points

Watch the Ending

Once Upon A Time 5 Points

Watch the Intro

Princess Maker 5 Points

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Instruments Of Murder 10 Points

Clear the first 5 waves

Acupuncture Treatment 25 Points

Clear Wave 15

Cannon Fodder 25 Points

Kill 100 Regulars

Fight In The Shade 25 Points

Clear Wave 16

Having A Blast 25 Points

Clear Wave 11

Suicidal Overconfidence 25 Points

Clear Wave 8

Swiftly Executed 25 Points

Kill 50 Agiles

The Bigger They Are 25 Points

Kill 25 Brutes

Wallmaster 25 Points

Clear Wave 14

You Spin Me Right Round 25 Points

Clear Wave 18

Bloody Good Time 50 Points

Clear Wave 20

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Improved post-compo version of my original Ludum Dare 25 entry:
compo/ludum-dare-25/?acti on=preview&uid=11391

--- CONTROLS -------------------------
Use mouse to play, select different traps by picking their icons from the top screen or using hotkeys 1,2,3,4,5 and then place them down in the battlefield.

Press R to restart current Stage and Esc to return to main menu.

Press P to pause the game
Press +/- to adjust volume and 0 to mute/unmute

There is a story of a beautiful princess trapped in the castle of a horrible demon. Many brave warriors have fallen trying to face the dangerous traps of the castle to save the princess!

The truth, however, is much more darker: The master of the castle is no one but the princess herself! She uses terrible dark magic to set traps for the hapless heroes who invade the castle, then uses their blood to create new traps!

Can the heroes survive the dangers of the castle and "save" the princess? or worse, take her to some mental care institution? Not if the princess can help it!

http://electricbluemax.ne wgrounds.com/news/post/81 1778

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A fun strategy game to get your brain going, the last 10 waves of the game were the hardest one's for me and I had a blast trying to figure them out. Much love to the game and the person behind it <3

Really, REALLY fun. It's pretty short, though I got a tad frustrated when placing traps over another smashed it to bits, ruining the entire wave. Bombs in piles, walls at the top of ledges, and crossbows near the princess are the way to go.

not bad needed more traps. The crossbows are pretty useless after the Agiles come. Your best bet is to just keep using walls bomb and the chainball when the game decides you can have it. Honestly I didnt beat it but I could have I just didnt want to learn the rhythm of the bombs after stage 16. You do make some of the quirkiest little flash games and I love em, especially total party kill.

It's a good game but one thing is that after a while the game just become frustrating after you keep dying and dying! on the same level!

AdventureIslands responds:

it's a very old game and very rough around the edges! Maybe one day I remake it.

I mean, it's a fine reverse tower defense, but it's so bloody slow!

AdventureIslands responds:

it's a very old game and very rough around the edges, maybe I remake it one day with smoother gameplay